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Simplify your shipping with Ship.com


Ship.com is the fastest and easiest way to print shipping labels.

Sync your brand to automatically import your orders and quickly purchase and print discounted shipping labels. Ship.com offers the lowest shipping rates for the lowest monthly subscription cost.


Increase Profits: Save Up to 73% Versus Going to the Post Office

Improve Accuracy of Shipments and Reduce Delivery Errors

Save 90 Minutes or More Each Week by Scheduling a Carrier Pickup

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Sales with Low-cost Shipping

Eliminate the Headaches and Hassles of Complicated Shipping

Improve Operational Efficiency, Meet Carrier Requirements

Shipping Quotes

Find out exactly how much each package will cost before you send it.

Find the lowest price for the fastest delivery
Provide accurate shipping information to your customers
Save time and money

Automatic Order Importing

Sync your brand and Ship.com will automatically import your customer order information.

No more manually entering order and shipping information
Reduce potential shipping errors
Save time with 3-click label purchasing

Combine Orders

Quickly and easily combine multiple orders to create one shipping label.

Get a convenient view of all your order information in one place
Save time and money by reducing shipments
Improve customer satisfaction with lower shipping costs

Batch Purchasing

Batch purchasing allows you to buy several labels at once, you can also print multiple labels, pack lists, or packing sheets.

Ship more packages in less time
Reduce manual and repetitive processes
Reduce chances for human errors

Print a Scan Form

Ship.com makes it easy for you to create a scan form for the post office, also known as a shipping manifest.

Reduce shipping errors
Ensure your shipment is complete
 Meet carrier requirements

Schedule a Carrier Pickup

The Ship.com platform has a convenient feature that allows you to request a next-day carrier pickup in just 2-clicks.

Ditch those time consuming trips to the post office
Select your preferred convenient pickup location
Reduce environmental impact 

Print Pick and
Packing Slips

Ship.com creates a printable page listing all of the items in your customer order, combined by item. Each packing slip page details the items included in the order.

Pick and pack your customer orders with greater accuracy
Provides customer reference and reduces support inquiries
Improves inventory management

Process a Return

Quickly and easily email a return shipping label through the platform.

 Reduce friction in processing your customer returns 
Reduce customer support time
Improve customer satisfaction and save time

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