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Buy labels in just 3 clicks at the lowest rates. Ship saves you time and money giving you more freedom to live your life.

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Save Money

Our software is very efficient and time saving. customers ship millions of packages a year. You could save hundreds of hours using

If a shipment gets lost or damaged, we process your claims for you, reducing your stress and saving you even more time. Nobody else does that!
Access the lowest shipping rates available - and we mean seriously low. Available directly through your Ship dashboard. Dashboard with discounted shipping rates from UPS and USPS.

How It Works

All-in-One Automated Platform

Instantly import your orders, purchase and print discounted shipping labels, reward customer loyalty, and stay in contact with your customers to build profitable relationships and improve customer retention.

Connect Your Store
Instantly connect your e-commerce store like Shopify, PayPal, Square, or Etsy to automatically import your orders in just 1-click.
Create & Print Discounted Shipping Labels
Access deeply discounted shipping labels from USPS® and UPS® (up to 84% Off!) and select between the cheapest or fastest - or both - shipping rates.
Ship & Track
Schedule a USPS® pick-up in just 2-clicks or drop off at your local UPS® store and rest easy knowing your customers have received their automatic email tracking notification. app screenshot

Automatically Import Orders

No Data Entry! Your orders are automatically imported from Shopify, eBay, Square, Etsy, PayPal, Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce and more. This raises efficiency, saves you time, and gives you full customer visibility. We even send back tracking information to your platform.

Fast & Easy Set-up

Designed so you can start shipping NOW - no demo needed. But if you need it, our Customer Support Team is on standby, because we believe no one should have to do it alone. app screenshot app screenshot

Customer Rewards and Email Tools Included

Thought we stopped at shipping? Think again. Set up your customer rewards program to increase customer loyalty and schedule email campaigns to boost sales in minutes.


Ship Fast. Live More.

Our mission is to save you time and money so you can
focus on the things you love.
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Access to the lowest possible shipping rates available
Unlimited shipments a low monthly cost
Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use platform
Provides dedicated live (human!) support
Integrates seamlessly with your store
Designed just for small ecommerce businesses
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Access to low shipping rates
Start paying per package over 5,000 shipments
Complicated service with overwhelming add-ons
Limited or poor support
Spotty, numerous integrations
Designed for businesses of all sizes, up to enterprise founder Joe DiSorbo - warehouse background
Joe DiSorbo
Founder & CEO

Our Founder, Joe DiSorbo

Accomplished, Self-made Technology Entrepreneur

Joe brings a story rooted in family and a passion for small business owners. Inspired by his mother, Jeanie DiSorbo, a small business pioneer, Joe’s journey began with her diverse ventures, including a shipping store that served as a community hub.

Working with direct sellers in Korea reinforced Joe’s admiration for individuals carving their own paths while balancing work and family. His Silicon Valley success with Webgistix highlighted a commitment to aiding small businesses, yet limitations left many unassisted.

Determined not to repeat this, Joe founded, prioritizing time, flexibility, and affordability for small business owners, inspired by his mom’s enduring values over profit and growth.
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