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Shipping & Selling Tools to Supercharge Your Small Business

The Ship.com platform is the easiest way to save time, money, and grow your small business.  Build the lifestyle you deserve with simple to use shipping, sales, and customer communication tools.

Easily ship your packages with the best rates from UPS and USPS.  Engage with your customers with automated Live Stream Selling on Facebook.

Ship.com - Track and Ship Packages
Grow your business with Ship.com.
30 Day Ship Live Selling Guarantee

Live Selling Will Increase Your Sales by 50%. Guaranteed.

Live social selling is 10x more effective than traditional ecommerce. Host immersive live sales events on Facebook with custom overlays and fully automated comment selling.  

Live Selling is included with the platform and is designed to supercharge your sales. We are so confident it works that if you don’t grow your sales by 50% in 30 days we’ll refund your money.

All-in-one Automated Platform

Get More Sales, While Doing Less Work
Quickly turn comments into sales, instantly invoice shoppers, combine, edit or cancel orders, purchase and print discounted shipping labels, reward customer loyalty, and stay in contact with your customers to build profitable relationships.  Does your current platform provide all this in one place?
Grow your business with Ship.com.
Grow your business faster with Ship.com

Automate live selling on Facebook with ease.

Sell more and save time with greater freedom when you broadcast live to your customers on Facebook with ShipLive. The selling process becomes completely automated so you can focus on interacting with customers and increasing sales.

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Automatic order import from your platform.

ShipOrder allows you to automatically import your orders from platforms such as Shopify, Square and Etsy.  This eliminates data entry, saves you time, and gives you full visibility.  You can print a label, at the lowest rates, in as little as 3-clicks, then schedule package pickup right to your door.

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Request pickup from your shipping carrier.
Grow your business faster with Ship.com

Simple set up. Grow faster with less time.

Why waste time learning complicated tools? Ship.com has simple user friendly tools that make it easy to grow your business faster with less headaches.

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Send invoices and collect payment with ease.

ShipPay makes it easy for you to create and send invoices to your customers and track all of your invoices from one convenient dashboard.  Or you can use our payment integration with Square or PayPal if that’s more convenient.

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Manage your shipping with ease using Ship.com

Here’s What Our Customers Say

“I love the platform! Loading the inventory was so easy.”

– Taylor S.

“My customers really enjoyed how the platform works and how it looks/sounds for them.”

– Courtney C.

“I love how the platform automatically merged orders from the same customer.”

– Amanda H.

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