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Email Marketing

Customer Communications

Grow your business by sending the right messages at the right time. 

Ship.com features communications tools that are integrated with your workflow to help you stand out with personalized automated messaging and customizable email marketing templates. Now you can quickly and easily grow your business with these powerful tools.


Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

Increase Profits with Sales and Promotions

Increase and Customer Engagement

Reduce Marketing Costs

Improve Brand Awareness

Reduce Sales Cycles and Save Time

Automated Tracking Emails

Ship.com automatically sends tracking emails to your buyers, you can also opt-in to receive copies.

Increase customer satisfaction with personalized messages
Stay informed of your customer deliveries and reduce inquiries
Increase sales with custom messaging for specials and hot ticket items

Email Templates

Ship.com offers an entry level email tool with message templates designed for those just getting started with email communications.

Improve customer communications
Increase brand recognition with custom copy to fit your business
Save time by saving your messages for future communications

Email Marketing Feature: Templates

Email Editor

With Ship.com’s intuitive email editor you can quickly and easily give your email templates a look that is tailored to fit your business.

Makes your email marketing fun and intuitive
Increase message open and read rates
Consistently brand your outbound messaging to your business

Personalized Content

Insert personalization tags to send email messages that speak directly to your customers.

Cut through the noisy inbox chatter and stand out
Greet each contact with a targeted, subject-specific message
 Build customer relationships with a personalized experience

Simplified Customer Communications

Ship.com’s versatile platform includes several convenient email marketing tools that allow you to brand your business with personalized automated messaging and customizable email marketing templates.

Stay in touch with convenient “Email Follow-up” button 
Increase sales by sending email marketing messages to your entire customer database, or smaller segments

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