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Work Smarter, Not Harder! An interview with a Live Seller.

Live Social Seller, Stevie Denning explains how a live selling platform simplified her work.

We continue to rave about the effects of live selling (and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!). But, we thought it’s about time you hear how a live selling platform makes a major difference from someone who uses it daily for their business. Click to read how an entrepreneur and live seller found incredible success by working smarter and not harder with a live selling platform.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Live selling is an impactful tool for those in direct selling. Whether you’re just starting your own business or you’ve been in the game for years – you know how important engagement and connection are when it comes to making sales. Live selling events bridge the gap between social media sales and human interaction, and it’s making a BIG difference for business owners. We’ve said it this time and time again, but now, we want you to hear the benefits of live selling directly from the source. Here’s an inside look at the benefits of live social selling through the eyes of a business owner and direct seller just like yourself.

Meet Stevie

You may have seen Stevie on our website or social media – you may have even had a call with her to walk through the ShipLive Platform! But, before Stevie joined the Ship.com team, she was (and still is) a budding entrepreneur passionate about all things skincare, makeup and esthetics. As a Master Esthetician, Stevie has been in the skincare and cosmetic space for most of her career – so it’s no surprise that when she found a cosmetic and skincare line she could attest to, she quickly became a distributor. 

When entering the direct selling space with SeneGence, Stevie was making most of her sales through social media posts and word-of-mouth interactions. But, selling SeneGence is not just about the profits for Stevie. She’s on a mission to create an online community that empowers women and establishes social circles for those with similar interests. So, when the opportunity to connect with current and potential customers through live streaming events was presented – Stevie knew it was an adventure she had to set out on. 

But, as some of you may know, jumping right into the live selling game comes with some speedbumps along the way. It takes time, strategy, planning and experience to make live selling work for you. As Stevie started hosting live events directly from social platforms like Facebook, she started facing problems that she needed to find a solution to. 

The Problem

The greatest advantage of live selling is the real-time conversations hosts get to have with their viewers. That engagement is a huge factor of live selling success. But, what Stevie found is that when she was trying to feature and demonstrate products while answering questions, sparking conversation, managing orders and keeping track of products – it all became too much. The flow of the event ended up being choppy and there were moments of awkward silence or she would miss documenting an order because she was caught up in the comments. This was a problem that had to be solved.

Trial and Error

So, after doing some research, Stevie discovered that there are platforms that are specifically designed to help host live selling events. There are a few different comment-selling platforms out there, but they’re not all created equal. Stevie learned this the hard way. Because this concept is fairly new, many platforms have not uncovered the perfect balance between advanced technology and a user-friendly interface. Some platforms simply weren’t intuitive – making the live selling process even more complex and stressful than it was to begin with. Finally, after much trial and error, Stevie found a platform that was quick, simple and had all the tools necessary for a successful live selling process integrated – ShipLive.

The Solution

After testing out numerous live selling platforms, ShipLive became Stevie’s tool of choice. So much so that she’s now our Live Selling Expert! Here’s why ShipLive was the perfect fit for Stevie.

  1. ShipLive enables comment selling on all live events and automatically captures those sales. No more pen and paper or spreadsheets are needed during your livestream!
  2. During her live events, Stevie’s comments were flooded with questions about sizing, color and price of products. And, if she didn’t get to those questions in time, she would sometimes lose the sale. With ShipLive, your live event has an overlay on your screen that provides all the product details normally asked in the comments. This frees up time for organic conversation!
  3. With ShipLive, Stevie can go live in multiple locations and ensure no one from her audience is left out of the conversation. If customers order from 2 separate streams going live at the same time, the system recognizes that it’s the same user and will auto-combine the order. This makes a world of a difference when handling product fulfillment.

“ShipLive was everything I was looking for in a live selling platform. It has all the elements necessary for a seamless live event experience both for the seller and the buyer! ShipLive allows me to focus more on my audience during my live events, so I can establish deeper connections and repeat customers.” 

When tackling the world of live selling, Stevie did her due diligence and found a platform that would boost her sales and help grow her business. If ShipLive can transform Stevie’s experience with live selling, it can help you, too. But don’t just take our word for it. You can set up a time with Stevie to walk through the ShipLive platform by clicking here.