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Here’s the Scoop on Live Stream Selling!

Ship.com Here’s the Scoop on Live Stream Selling

Consider this your sign to start live stream selling!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of incorporating live stream selling into your sales approach, now is the time to start learning about it. Selling via live video broadcasts is a fresh, exciting, and viable way to reach more buyers.  As more of the population consumes more screen time, the options for selling online are steadily increasing –– which is great news for you!

In addition to Amazon, there are additional resources like Shopify and eBay where you can promote your products –– but with the immense popularity of those sites, we’re seeing our clients face the steep competition that comes with a large number of sellers. Have you faced that challenge?

It’s challenging to stand out among the crowd on nearly every channel available. But, no worries! We have the information you need to unlock the new exciting channel of Live Selling. Recently, many online sellers uncovered the ease of selling products on social media live streams. Yes, we’re talking Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube!

Here at Ship.com, where we work with thousands of sellers who are starting to look at how to increase sales in this new Live Stream Selling arena, we are here to help you learn what you need to know.

Why use live video for selling?

The significant shift to online shopping has now evolved into a newer trend allowing online viewers to purchase products during live selling broadcasts. Live stream shopping is an ideal way to run your business without leaving home and reach even more buyers. You still get the benefits of in-person selling such as:

✔️ Reduce sales timelines by eliminating the need for buyers to conduct research, watch tutorials or search for online reviews
✔️ Immediately answer buyer objections and get valuable product feedback
✔️ Avoid costs usually incurred when testing products, sales methods, and promotions
✔️ Engage with customers in real-time, helping to showcase the brand and quickly build trust with the audience
✔️ Give live product demonstrations while providing helpful education and useful tips
✔️ Acquire new customers through social media and word-of-mouth marketing
✔️ Drastically reduce time and dollars spent on advertising and promotional materials

Live selling is the easiest way to buy and sell online.

With live video shopping, you can go live from anywhere just by using your mobile phone. Live broadcasts allow you to answer any questions viewers may have about your products directly. This leads you to deliver immediate assistance, ultimately generating a more satisfied customer. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Customer loyalty!

New user-friendly software and tools are designed to make it as simple as possible for sellers to broadcast live and reach a bigger audience. With this method, you can even collaborate with another business, public figure, or celebrity to boost your live stream’s overall reach and engagement. For example, Kim Kardashian went live with one of China’s top social media influencers to promote her latest fragrance. That live stream promotional event led to more than 15,000 items sold in a matter of minutes. And while Kim K may be an extreme example, it just goes to show that joining forces on a live broadcast with another account permits increased interaction and a fun and engaging way to communicate with your prospects.

Another perk of live stream selling is that it’s one of the least expensive ways to reach large audiences. Live streams cost virtually nothing and allow you to go live as often as you’d like, at any time, from any location! You can even save your live events and continue promoting them to make additional sales without additional effort. That sounds like a win-win to us!

Live selling is cost-effective and low risk.

Live broadcast selling makes it ideal for testing what will and won’t work in terms of broadcast scheduling, products, and promotions. When you go live, you don’t lose anything. If you go live and don’t sell a lot, that is okay! It just leads you to do some fine-tuning and try again with different tactics. There is a live selling formula that suits your business perfectly. It’s up to you to create it!

Anyone can go live. All it takes to start is a mobile or desktop device with a camera, internet connection, good lighting and audio, a social media merchant account, products, and an open mind! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage people’s increased interest in social media to boost your business and build brand awareness. It may take some courage to get started, but the rewards can and will quickly outweigh the challenges. What’re you waiting for? GO LIVE!

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