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Use New Ship.com Tools on Facebook to Go Live and Win $1000

It’s April! Spring has finally sprung and we hope that you are enjoying nice spring weather and the optimism and renewal that comes with the season.  As part of our weekly blog highlighting new Ship.com tools, trends, and information you can use, this week we are focusing on ways for you to Spring forward into action, into growth, into new beginnings, and more time (and money) for the things that matter most to you.

Win $1000 or $500 When you Go Live or Go on Social Media

Last week, Ship announced a month-long campaign through April that gives you a chance to win $1,000 when you Go Live on Facebook using Ship.com or $500 when you join one of our Facebook Groups Ship.com Live Stream Selling or Ship.com Partners & Affiliates.

Details for the Cinco de Mayo drawing (winners do not need to be present) are included here.

FREE Facebook Guide – 5 Day Challenge to Go Live Using Ship.com

In those groups, Ship is excited to launch a new free Guide – a new initiative focused on social learning. The team has put together all the resources and information you need to Go Live using Ship.com. It’s all nicely organized in the Guide section and includes brief tutorial videos featuring Stevie, our onboarding ambassador.  

Ramp your Business with this free ebook 

This Ship.com tool gives you details and new ideas for how to grow your business. If you are looking for new ideas, we encourage you to download this ebook today.

  • Keys for Simple, Effective Customer Communications
  • How to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Purchases
  • How to Sell Live on Social Media
  • How to Ship Orders in Less Time for Less Money

Shipping and so much more

If you are new to Ship, or you thought we just were for shipping labels, Ship is a lot more. So here’s a quick recap. Ship is about Friendship, Partnership, Leadership, and Ownership.  It’s about getting the most out of your business and your life.  Helping small businesses compete with large and small sellers to make their dreams come true is what we are about. By working together we want small business owners to be successful and help them get the extra money and freedom they want.  

What does that mean to you? Well at Ship.com you can Sell, Collect, Ship, Connect

It’s an integrated platform with simple, easy-to-use tools you can use individually or together.