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Tips for Facebook Live Selling Success

Tips for Facebook Live Selling Success


Facebook Live Selling is a great and easy way to sell online for Direct Sellers. It’s also super fun. Plus, Live Selling sales are up to 10x higher than regular eCommerce. What’s not to love? But how do you make sure you nail those Facebook Live Sales? Well, here are some great tips to set you up for Facebook Live Selling success.

Read this before you start 🙂: You’ll see the term “Live Show” in this blog a lot. It’s now Facebook’s preferred term for “Live Sale” or “Live Selling Event”. So, when we say, “Live Show” now, it just means “Live Sale” or “Live Selling Event”. Simples.


8 Tips for Facebook Live Selling Success


1. Get your timing nailed 

Before you dive straight in and pick a time and date for your Facebook Live Show, you need to think about your ideal buyer. What do they look like? Now think – when will they be free to tune in to your sale? Are they at work during the day? Would 8pm on an evening be better once they’ve got the kids down? Or maybe weekends? Is your ideal customer from a different part of the world? If so, you may need to factor in time zones.

Still not sure so sure? Well, there’s a group of people that may be able to help you – your current customers! Go ask them. They inform the profile for what you’re looking for in potential buyers. So, finding out times and dates that work for them will give you an idea of what’s going to work for prospective customers. Also, you can test drive different timings. Then, after a few Live Shows, you’ll be able to see which performed best. And on what day and at what time.

Extra Facebook Live Selling Tip from Captain Obvious: Pick the days and times that saw the most viewers and most sales. Just like Shakira’s hips – the stats don’t lie!

2. Know your customer

Shoppers want to feel connected to what they’re buying and the person they’re buying from. Customers value the connection they have with you and your personal brand. In fact, they value it as much as they value your products – that’s why they keep coming back for more!

So, show your customer that you know them! Think about what products they would like and select them to feature in your Live Show. This is like when someone remembers your favorite coffee order. Remember how special that makes you feel? (Plus, you get coffee, which is a huge win). Featuring items that your customers will love makes each of them feel like your event was built entirely for them.

3. Plan your flow

You’ve heard the phrase “go with the flow” before, right? Well, that’s bad advice when it comes to Facebook Live Selling. Yes, your Live Show needs to feel relaxed and fun. But it can be relaxed and fun because you planned your flow.

After you’ve selected products your buyers will love, think about how you want to move from item to item. Jot down key points and have your facts at your fingertips. You know, the important stuff – like prices, product info and special offers.

And make sure the products you’ve selected are available. If buyers can get their hands on purchases right away, that’s sure to boost your customer satisfaction.

4. Get the word out 

Time and date set. Inventory prepared. Event flow organized. Now, it’s time to get the word out with a little D.I.Y social media marketing. This is going to create a real buzz around your Live Show.

Plan a mini-series of social media posts to be posted prior to your event to generate excitement! An excellent strategy to create real interest in your live sale is to offer a contest, reward, or giveaway. And don’t limit yourself to just your social channels. Make use of email, text messaging and your website!

Your messaging is key to getting buyers to come to your Live Shows. Shoppers love to know what they’re going to gain. So, tell them! Then show them how they can easily join the Livestream and buy your products. The right messaging can vastly increase the number of shoppers attending your Live Show. Put your buyers front and center of your promotion and watch those numbers grow!

5. Test your tech and do a “Trial Sale”

If you’re new to Live Selling, then you’ll also be getting used to new technology. That’s why it’s important to take time to practice, practice, practice. Gather some family and friends and do a “trial sale. This way, you can adjust to your software and test all your other tech. As well as trying out different lighting and camera angles.

A trial sale is also a brilliant confidence booster. If you fumble, forget or crash and burn… there’s no consequence.You just get to practice selling techniques and interacting with customers. Pretty soon, you’ll be a natural. It’s like driving lessons – apart from you won’t nearly crash your instructor’s nice hybrid.

Your Live Shows are also heavily reliant on technology. So, it’s good to check that everything works before you Go Live and sell. Always make sure to factor in time to check your tech before you go live. This might seem more like common sense than a life changing Facebook Live Selling tip. But you don’t want a preventable technical mishap happening in front of hundreds of customers.

6. Be yourself 

The day has arrived. You’re ready to Go Live! The most important thing to remember when you do Go Live? Be you. Your personality is what sets you apart. It’s what connects customers to you and your brand. And it’s what is going to develop trust and lead to them buying your product.

Yes, you have your flow planned. But it’s not a script. You’re way more interesting than a script. Introduce yourself, say hi to customers as they join the stream, share stories, and ask them questions. Give shout-outs to customers. All of this will make your buyers feel seen and valued. It’s going to deepen your connection with them.

Lastly, just HAVE FUN! 

7. Answer customer questions and give instructions regularly

Now, we’re not saying answer every single question that customers ask during your sale. But try to answer as many questions as you possibly can. And when you’re answering a customer’s question, mention their name and give them a thanks! Then try to give the best answer that you can. Check with them afterwards if you’ve given them the information they needed. All this places real value on your customers and makes them feel seen. They’re then much more likely to come back.

Also, if you notice a common theme in the questions you’re receiving – stop. Take some time to address this. Again, this shows that you value your customers’ questions.

Remember, you’re going to have buyers joining halfway through your Live Show. And that’s great – more viewers and more sales. However, even though they want to buy, they might not know how to. Imagine it like falling asleep at the start of a movie and waking up halfway through. They’ll need to know what’s going on. That’s why it’s important to keep reminding shoppers what they need to do when they want to buy. You’ll feel like a broken record. But it’s well worth it if it means more sales.

8. Give an unforgettable follow-up

Your sale has finished. And it was AWESOME! But there’s one final step to Live Selling Success. The follow-up. Yes, what you do right after the event matters.

As a small retailer, you lead a busy life. Looking after your family, whilst running a business and doing it all. But try tothank as many customers as you can for attending your Live Show. And thank buyers that purchased your product. If you didn’t get time to answer questions during your event, answer them now. Get orders shipped quickly and if there are any delays, get in touch with buyers individually. Give them an unforgettable follow up and deepen your connection with your customers.


Summary: Equipped with Tips and Ready for Facebook Live Selling Success!

Starting something new is daunting. Especially when it involves selling your products Live, in-front of an audience. You might have wanted to Go Live and Sell on Facebook for a while, but you’ve felt too nervous to do so. Or, you haven’t really known where to start. By applying the tips above, you can have the confidence you need to start and to succeed with Facebook Live Selling.

Want more tips and tidbits Selling Live on Facebook? Whether you’re entry level or expert, our blog has all the advice you need to win at Facebook Live Selling. And It’s specifically designed for small online retailers! New to Live Selling? Start with our Facebook Live Selling: Beginner’s Guide.


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