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Streamline Your Day and Sell More with these Super Simple Ship.com Features

At Ship.com we are committed to making it easier for small business owners to compete against the retail giants. At Ship.com, we know that the key to helping small business owners become successful and achieve their dreams is to provide simplified business tools that save time and money while helping you sell more.

Our goal is to make it easier for online sellers like you to manage your customer experience from end to end. This starts with selling products, shipping the orders to customers, managing deliveries, providing easy returns, staying in touch with email marketing and loyalty programs, and facilitating new referral business.

Ship.com helps online sellers get back time that’s been wasted on shipping, and use it to grow their business. We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Ship.com and lately, we’ve been quite busy! We thought it would be helpful to take a holistic look at the features, both new and tried and true, to help you to make the most of Ship.com for streamlining and organizing your home business workflows.

We get a lot of questions from interested people, so, besides the recent launch of our invoicing tool, let’s look at some of the other features that you can use to get the most out of your experience with Ship.com:

Grow Your Business

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven method for staying in touch with your target audiences and increasing equity throughout the customer experience.

The email marketing feature on the Ship.com platform makes email marketing simple. The simplified tool is designed to create and send professional-looking email messages.

Here’s what you can do:

Before the sale, you can reach out to both existing and prospective customers to let them know about products and promotions. After the sale, you can send a confirmation to your customer to let them know the sale is complete. When their order has shipped you can send a shipping confirmation message that includes important tracking information and delivery details. You can also follow-up after the products have arrived to make sure your customer is happy with their order.

Email Marketing

Ship.com’s email marketing feature helps small business owners communicate in a seamless and effective manner. With your free trial on the Executive plan, you can save unlimited email message templates. You can also customize the templates to your brand and writing style. The intuitive “what you see is what you get” email builder can customize the look and feel of each message to match your online business’s brand. You can even insert your own logo and image files. You can also include personalization tags that help your messages stand out in the noisy inbox chatter. It’s easy to create and send polished and professional messages that amplify your marketing efforts.

After you’ve customized your emails with the messaging and design that works for your business, you can send a test message to yourself to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it to. You can quickly and easily create automated follow-up messaging that continuously responds to important buying, shipping, and delivery events while helping you stay top-of-mind with your customers. This is a great way to generate cross-sells and up-sells that increase your profits.

The Ship.com email messaging feature makes it easy for you to send email messages to a single customer or your entire database in just a few clicks. Check out Ship.com’s email marketing cheat sheet for a quick guide to getting started with email marketing.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is critical for success in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. A loyal customer will return to your business, again and again, to make repeat purchases. A loyal customer will consistently choose your business over your competitors who offer similar products and pricing. A happy customer is a loyal customer, the key to creating more happy customers is to create fun and engaging touchpoints throughout your customer experience.

Ship.com has created a simplified rewards tool that helps you create an automated customer loyalty program. Now you can build stronger relationships with your customers by successfully rewarding your customers for their purchases in real-time. Assign points for purchases and automatically track customer progress with the set-it and forget-it rewards program. When you’re ready to put rewards to work for your business, we recommend you follow the simple steps found here in Ship.com’s cheat sheet
5 Keys to a Successful Rewards Program.

Loyalty Rewards

Manage Your Business


This is another feature that our users requested, so the team at Ship.com designed an
invoicing tool that pays users faster, easier, in less time, and for less money.

We know the challenges you face when it comes to marketing your business, shipping orders, and making sure everything is paid and accounted for. In a perfect world, this workload would be handled by several full-time employees. However, the reality is that most home businesses are run by small teams. So it’s critical for you to have tools that get everything done in a fraction of the time.

The Ship.com invoicing tool allows you to create and send your customers digital invoices with just a few clicks. All you need to send an invoice is an email address, the system will then guide your customers through entering their payment information and shipping details.