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Ship Solves Real Direct Selling Problems 

As a direct seller, have you ever been too afraid to take the next step and grow your business? There is a myriad of reasons why expanding direct selling makes business owners nervous. Most of our customers at one point or another have felt hesitant to take the risks necessary to experience serious business growth. 

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this case study, it’s that you’re not alone. Today, we’re taking a look at Joanne’s journey to expanding her direct selling business. Joanne is a wife, mom, and talented Hair Stylist, spending a majority of her time either at the salon or at home with her family. Joanne started her online direct selling business to distribute the skincare and hair products she was passionate about to her existing client base. 

She sought to create a website that helps people find product brands with ingredients and business practices that have a positive intent on our earth. And, she succeeded. With her site up and running, Joanne was ready to scale up her business and go from a passion project to selling products full-time and generate enough revenue to balance out her current work as a Hair Stylist. But, as with most business growth, there were some obstacles along the way. 

Though she knew it was time to push forward toward a growth goal, those pesky fears began to creep into Joanne’s mind. Was she really ready to try something new? Would this business expansion just take more time away from her family and leave her with the dreaded mom guilt? What would happen to her well-deserved career as a Hair Stylist? 

Those fears and trials Joanne began to wonder about can (and will) be solved by incorporating direct selling software and strategies that save time, lessen the workload and simplify the process of direct selling to a larger audience. 

Let’s take a look at her current set-up and the Ship.com solution to problems Joanne is encountering.

1) Currently, Joanne is running all her sales through the Shopify app and checkout system. This takes a percentage of every transaction.

Ship.com Solution: ShipPay combines Shopify and invoicing tools to help you seamlessly complete each order and save money on those transaction fees.

2) While her goal is to begin selling full-time, she isn’t in a spot of active selling, but she does have a current customer base on social media platforms.

Ship.com Solution:  With ShipLive, Joanne can leverage her existing customer base on social media and begin hosting live selling events! This brings her business and products top of mind, working toward her goal of ongoing sales. Plus, she can go live from anywhere – even her salon space so she can sell more products in less time.

3) Her distribution method isn’t fully developed. She lacks a way to offer returns to customers, which ends up costing her money and making a difficult customer experience. Plus, Joanne still finds herself making numerous trips to the post office to drop off her shipments. This takes up time and costs more money.

Ship.com Solution: ShipOrder is Joanne’s saving grace to these difficulties. ShipOrder offers easy-to-print return labels for her to provide to customers if needed. And, the platform allows her to schedule package pickups directly from her salon, so no more stops at the post office are needed.  

Simplifying your business

Joanne was in search of a simple, easy-to-use tool to take her business to the next level. The problems she faced are not at all uncommon, and lucky for her, were able to be solved using tools from the Ship.com platforms. Growing your business doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. When you’re strategic about choosing a direct selling platform – you’ll quickly find that there are resources to help you become a direct selling professional, from loading inventory to maintaining rapport with customers. 

Ship.com worked wonders for Joanne. Are you ready to see how it can benefit you? Start your free trial today.