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Achieving Small Boutique Business Work-Life Balance 

Women achieving small business work-life balance

You Started Your Small Business to Have a Better Work-Life Balance But… 

You started your own small business so you could get a more rounded work-life balance. To give more time to the important things – like spending time with your family. But the work-life balance you set out to achieve hasn’t become a reality…

In fact, things have gotten more difficult. Now, you’re way busier and do pretty much everything yourself. You find yourself spending LESS time with your family, not more. And the balance you desired now seems a distant dream.

What’s more is that the world seems to be telling you this is… good? That you should be a “girl boss”. A woman devoted to the grind and hustle. But, deep down, you know it’s not true or what you really want. What you actually want is more time with your loved ones. Although you’re not sure where to begin.  

Dear small boutique business owner – you deserve the work-life balance that you originally set out for. So, we’re going to give you our top tips on how to achieve that. And show you how Ship.com can help you along the way. Let’s go reclaim that precious family time…  


5 Tips on How to Achieve Small Business Owner Work-Life Balance 


1. Have right thinking – don’t believe the lies!

The first step to reclaiming work-life balance as a small business owner is to have right thinking

There are a lot of lies out there in the world. Lies that can impact the way we think and then, the way we live. They seem right and wise because “everyone’s doing it”. But in actual fact, they’re toxic. And there’s no greater example of this than the girl boss mentality… 

This lie tells you that you should be devoted to the grind and the hustle. That you should work more and work harder. That your main priority in life should be your work. It sets an unattainable and unhealthy image of a working woman and says that’s how to be successful. This will leave you with a constant underlying anxiety and feeling of never being good enough. 

Ladies, we want to set you free and tell you – it’s simply not true. You were right in the first place. Your loved ones, partner and kids are first priority. It’s time to drop the girl boss mentality and live no lies.  


2. Get your family involved with your boutique

The whole reason you started your boutique was to support and provide for your family. As well as to spend more time with them. Well one great way to spend more time with your children is to get them involved with your boutique! 

We know you’ve heard the warnings before… 


“Don’t let your work life creep into your family time!”


But marrying the two in a healthy manner could actually be HUGELY beneficial. And not just to your work-life balance as a small business owner. Getting your children involved with your boutique has many other advantages like: 

It gives them a sense of contribution and responsibility

It allows them to develop skills to take care of themselves in the future. And teaches them your little that all-important team player mindset.  

You can pay older children, so they see the value in work 

Your kids see that if they work hard, they get paid. This teaches them real-life concepts that will set them up for later life. 

You can prepare an inheritance for your children and build a generational business 

Yes, you can prepare an inheritance for them by paying for their work and time. However, you can prepare the inheritance of a healthy sustainable business. A business you can, one day, pass down to them. 

And, of course, you get to spend more time with your children

Precious time with your family. Is there anything better? Working with your children can make work lighter, more fun and a lot more joyful. It relieves the tension felt by many small business owners of not being able to balance work and family life. Not to mention that their help lightens the load for you! 

So, even if it’s small things like helping you label packages – get your children involved. And if you can’t pay them in dollars – we recommend baiting them with an ice cream night out. No one can resist the power of ice cream. 


3. Use those morning hours 

Taking advantage of those morning hours is key to regaining work-life balance as a small business owner. Morning is the time where you’re going to be most productive. If you’re not a morning person you’re probably thinking … “Huh? No”. Trust us on this one. It’s time to become a morning person.

The morning is a time to tackle those hard tasks and be with your children, undistracted. Set it apart for that. Get up, get dressed, take on those dreaded dishes and get the schoolwork done with your kids. Then spend some time with them. If you set the time apart, you’ll be more present, less distracted and feel less guilty. Then you can get on with the rest of your workday without a nagging conscience. And you’ll actually spend more quality time with your family. 


4. Eliminate time wasters 

You already know what I’m talking about here. 

It’s easy when you’re stressed or overwhelmed about the day ahead to scroll through Instagram. But this eats into your work time and productivity. As a result, you then work later, which eats into family time. And the cycle continues. There’s no judgment. We’ve ALL been there. 

However, it’s time to be ruthless in the name of small business work-life balance. Limiting TV time and time spent through social media (especially in mornings) will increase your productivity. Less procrastination will mean finishing earlier and therefore, more time with family. And if you need to delete Instagram or Facebook to achieve that, do it. 

5. Outsource work

Often, as a boutique owner, you do most things. Social media promotion, selling, shipping, inventory management, invoicing – you name it, you do it. It’s a lot. And it all eats away at the time you want to spend with family and friends. 

This is why you should outsource work. Outsourcing work can completely change the game when it comes to your work-life balance as a small business owner. Yes, it costs money. But your family is THE priority. Remember – spending more time with them is the reason you started your boutique. And the expense of not outsourcing is less time with them. That’s a way greater cost. 


How Ship.com Can Help you achieve Work-Life Balance as a Small Business Owner 

At Ship.com, setting small retailers (yes, you) up for success is the entire reason we exist. And yes, that looks like helping you grow your business. But “success”, for us, is also about helping you achieve that small business work-life balance. It’s about you not missing out on those precious moments with your family. It’s NOT about you having to do a billion things and be a “girl boss”. 

Here a few ways Ship.com can help you get your work and family life back balance:


Streamlined Shipping:

ShipOrder allows you to print shipping labels in just 3-clicks! And schedule a courier pick-up from home in 2-clicks. Say sweet goodbye to pesky Post Office trips and long lines. This is going to save you over 90 minutes per week


Easy Invoicing:

Manually inputting customer order info is a major time consumer. That’s why ShipPay automatically imports customer data for you. You can then easily create and send invoices and save time. This also means less errors, which means less time spent fixing errors. 


Super Simple Live Selling:

Live selling is all the rage in eCommerce and our ShipLive selling platform makes it mega easy. The beauty of live selling? You can easily make more sales in less time. Plus, all the features mentioned above are integrated into our platform. So, you can sell, invoice and ship in super quick time. 

The result of all of this? The reclaiming of the work life balance you set out to achieve when you started your small business! 


So, to quickly recap, here are our takeaways… 


  • Have right thinking – don’t believe the lies!
  • Get your family involved with your boutique
  • Use those morning hours 
  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Outsource work 


Well done to you for choosing to get off the crazy train! And to help you get that work-life balance back in line, we’d like to offer you a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL of our ShipLive selling platform. 

Here’s to nailing that small business work-life balance!