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Top 5 Shipping Themed Halloween Costumes

Shipping Halloween Costumes

Have you ever dreamed of having a shipping themed halloween costume? Probably not… 


Halloween is fast approaching fellow shipping friend. You now have just 1 week to get your costume and nail it. Luckily for you, this post features 5 awesome costumes for you to pick from. And guess what? They’re all shipping themed! Of course they would be – we’re Ship.com and shipping is what we’re all about. So, without further ado, let’s get into it and find you a Halloween costume you never thought you would wear. 


Disclaimer: This blog post is quite silly, however, it’s also filled with GREAT ideas. 


5 Shipping Themed Costumes for this Halloween


1. Life-Size Shipping Label 

Want to know what’s better than a regular old shipping label? A giant human shipping label. This Halloween, why not dress up as an adult-sized label? It might not be the Harley Quinn costume you wanted, but it’s fun AND practical. How so? Get this… 

You can put your name on it (think nametag). So, no introductions needed from your side when meeting new people. Plus, you can put your home address on. That way, if you have one too many rounds of punch, your friends know where to send you back to. Also, you can put the delivery address as the party house. Who needs Google Maps when you have the address written on your torso?


Side Note: Some of you might not want to put your own address on for security reasons. That’s cool – just pick a random address or make one up. Just don’t pick our address for delivery. As much as we like you and want to support your small business – it would cost us quite a lot to send you back. Even with discounted shipping labels!


2. Bubble Wrap Monster

We’ve called this one Bubble Wrap “Monster” because it’s Halloween. You know… to fit with the whole scary theme. But essentially, this is just where you wrap yourself in a ton of bubble wrap. From head to toe. Almost! 

Each person is an individual and has their own tastes. However, everyone has this one thing in common. We all LOVE popping bubble wrap. Think about it – wherever you go with this costume, you get to bring joy. You’ll also have people popping you, which is quite weird. But it’s interactive, fun, and also just hilarious. 


FYI: If you’re going to choose this costume, you might want to leave your arms free. It’s pretty hard to turn door knobs with your chin. Oh, and a strategic gap around the waist would be cool. Even bubble wrap monsters have to go sometimes. 


3. USPS Mail Dog (or Cat) 

Everyone here at Ship.com heard you all say “awwww.” Halloween shipping costumes aren’t just for humans. Your cute little doggo can be a USPS Mail Carrier for the day. And if you’re a cat owner, don’t worry – it’ll also fit your little furball. Although, if your cat’s black, they’re technically already in costume.


Please note: Despite this costume fitting both cats and dogs, it’s probably not suitable for your pet iguana, Pedro. Sorry Pedro, it’s nothing personal – just a size issue. 


4. UPS Delivery Truck

With this costume, you get to fulfill a lifelong dream. No, not your dream of being a Disney Princess. Your dream of being a UPS Delivery Truck! Just me? Ok. But you’ve got to admit – this DIY costume idea is pretty cool. You just have to plan it wisely… with doors in mind. 

Plus, if you’ve got a partner in crime, they can dress as UPS Delivery guy or gal. Then, you can zoom around your social gathering together and deliver! The dream duo! Or, you could just eat nachos and talk to friends about family life and inflation like a normal person. It’s up to you. 


5. Cardboard Box Ghost

Last but not least, the jewel in the crown. The shipping themed costume to end all other costumes. It’s the Cardboard Box Ghost. 

And, yes – by this we mean cut a ghoulish face into a cardboard box, create a hole and stick it on your head. Then, stick another cardboard box to your torso to complete the look. You can also embellish your ghostly look by getting artsy on the box with markers. It is the height of DIY Halloween costumes. But mainly – it’s the easiest and requires the least amount of effort. 

Could you recycle your old boxes, be an eco-friendly shipper, and use them to ship out your amazing products? Yes. Would that save you money vs. buying new shipping supplies? Sure. On the other hand, you could use them to be a box ghost. Be daring – put a recycled box on your head and torso this Halloween. 


You Now Have 5 Fantastic Shipping Themed Costumes to Choose From 

Ok, one of those costumes was for your dog. However, you now have 4 costumes to choose from that you didn’t have before. #Winning. Take your pick. Whether you choose to zoom around as a delivery truck or be a bubble wrap monster, Happy Halloween from everyone here at Ship.com. And if you do happen to think “Wow! I’m doing this!”, please tag us on Instagram or Facebook at @sellwithship. Because really, nothing would make us happier!

Take care, shippers.