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ShipLive: The New Wave of Live eCommerce Sales

History has proven: missing a technology wave can be costly. Here’s how you can jump on the newest wave in live eCommerce sales and ride into easy success with ShipLive!

Are you 100% satisfied with the growth of your business? Do you feel you’re hitting all your sales goals and genuinely have no room for growth left?

As much as you may wish to be at a place where additional growth or sales revenue isn’t needed, that’s rarely ever the case. At Ship.com, we firmly believe that Livestream selling is a driving force in live eCommerce sales that will put your growth on overdrive

To take it one step further, we believe that live eCommerce sales is no longer a piecemeal process needing 3-4 different platforms just to get your events scheduled, Livestreams completed, and orders out the door. It’s time to put down your phones, pick up your laptops and discover the new wave of live eCommerce. 

This approach has evolved to include new features that Live Selling platforms, like ShipLive, incorporate to make your life easier and increase your return on investment when using the platform. 

The New Wave of Live eCommerce 

Live selling is here and becoming more and more popular every day. And with that popularity comes the opportunity to create new, innovative tactics enhancing the experience of both the buyer and the seller. One of these enhancements is comment selling, which allows consumers to purchase directly through the comments of live streams. That’s not all, though. Comment selling has incredible benefits for sellers like you.

ShipLive incorporates easy automated comment selling software that makes your life easier. By entering the product keyword (determined by the seller) and “sold,” buyers can purchase products, while sellers immediately receive confirmation in the ShipLive platform of who bought which product and all of the information necessary to fulfill the invoicing and shipping. 

This integration truly levels up your business from an operational standpoint. Now, you’re no longer manually tracking sales, invoices, and order fulfillment – ShipLive does it all for you.

The ShipLive platform doesn’t end with comment selling. It takes your live selling events from beginning to end, making it a simple, streamlined process. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  1. Set up your event in ShipLive
  2. Enter your inventory
  3. Connect to Facebook and invite customers to your event
  4. Go live!
  5. Sell via automated comment purchasing
  6. Directly invoice customers through ShipLive
  7. Ship your order in 3-clicks
  8. Engage with your buyers
  9. Reward buyers and establish repeat customers

Everything you need to achieve success in live eCommerce sales can be found in the ShipLive platform. This selling style has moved far beyond a trend that only requires your cell phone camera and social media app. Live e-commerce is an approach constantly transforming. Now is the time to become an expert and make Livestream selling work for your business. 

If you’re ready to watch your eCommerce business grow, consider joining the 2022 Ship Ambassador Affiliate Program. This program gives direct sellers, content creators, course creators, social media influences, and anyone connected to an audience of online sellers, direct sellers, and boutique owners the opportunity to earn income based on successful referrals to the Ship platform.

We’re offering a 10% commission fee earned on the net revenue generated by new referrals using the ShipLive platform for up to one year! Interested in participating? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create an account at Ship.com
  • Once logged in, click the Ambassador link to become an affiliate and get a personalized link.
  • Share your referral link on social media and via email with your network (new Ship users register with your referral link).
  • Start earning income and receive a 10 percent commission on the fees collected by each subscriber you refer.
  • Earn a fast start bonus of $500 if, within the first 30 days, you sign up ten merchants who each make a sale during a live sales event using the ShipLive social selling platform.

Now is the time to learn the power of live e-commerce with ShipLive and reap the benefits! So don’t wait any longer, get an inside look at the ShipLive Social Selling Platform, register for a FREE live tutorial with Stevie, our Ship.com platform expert.