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Attention SeneGence Sellers – Square Integration with Ship.com is NOW HERE! 

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SeneGence Sellers – Live Selling Just Got 10x Easier… 

Dear SeneGence sellers – the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. You wanted Live Selling with Ship.com to be quicker and easier for you. Well, it’s about to become just that

Are you ready to sell more while working less, with EASE? Because… 

Ship.com has just integrated with Square to bring you seamless Live Selling on Facebook! Say hello to easy inventory uploads, slick invoicing, and smooth shipping with Square + Ship.  I know, right? Oh, sure – let’s have a virtual high 5! 


All You Need to Know About Ship + Square – and an UNMISSABLE Special Offer for SeneGence Sellers

Right here in this blog, you can find everything you’ll need to know about the new Ship.com Square integration. This includes its features, how it works, and the benefits to you as a SeneGence seller. 

You’ll also find 6 simple steps to Go Live on Facebook. So, you can get selling right away and reap the rewards of seamless selling with Ship and Square. 

Plus, if you stay right til the end – there’s an incredible offer for you from our CEO Joe. Keep on reading… 

What Exactly Does the New Square Integration Do?

We’ve told you that you can now easily Go Live on Facebook with the new Square integration. But how exactly does it make Live Selling easier for you? Well… 

When using ShipLive, you’re now able to automatically post your Square inventory. Then, invoice easily based on comment purchases. The integration means you can actually invoice customers and collect payment in Square after a Live Show. 

How it works:

So, that’s what our new Square integration does. But how does it work? Let’s get into the nitty gritty details: 

1. Products from your Square store can now be added to any Live Show broadcast. All you need to do is search and add products from within Ship.com. Easy. 




2. During the show and after making a sale, your Square inventory is updated. Completed orders are sent to Square and then appear in your account. From here, you can seamlessly send invoices and collect payment.  




3. Once payment is collected, orders appear in your Ship.com account. Now, they’re ready for shipment.  


Benefits of the Square integration 

Essentially, the Ship.com integration for Square does the hard work for you. It takes the busy work out of setting up Live Shows, invoicing, and shipping when selling live on Facebook. Meaning more streamlined Live Selling and more opportunity for you to smash those sales targets! 

No longer will you have to do time-consuming tasks like manually entering inventory. Or typing in order information by yourself. You can now spend that spare time selling your awesome beauty products. Or engaging your customers with your products through online make-up tutorials.

We know a lot of our a-maz-ing SeneGence sellers already use us for shipping. Now, even shipping is easier during the Live Selling process. With the new Square integration, payment notification from Square goes right back to Ship.com. This way, sellers can instantly and easily print a shipping label.

Why Live Selling? 

Some of you SeneGence sales queens are already aboard the Live Selling train. However, some of you may not have delved into the next best thing in eCommerce. Yet … 

So, we thought we’d serve you up a fresh reminder of why Live Selling is so great. And why, if you haven’t yet, it’s something you must get on. 

Live Selling – the future of eCommerce

We already know Live Selling has been a huge hit In China. But Livestream Selling in the US generated almost $6 billion in sales in 2020. And according to research from Coresight, the US Live Selling market is going to quadruple by 2023 to $25 billion by 2023.

To add to that, conversion rates for live selling are around 30%. That’s up to 10x higher than traditional eCommerce. And the average buyer makes a larger purchase. Plus, when buyers purchase through a Live Show, stores experience 40% lower returns

And the beauty of Live Selling? Anyone can do it. Yes, those higher conversions and lower return rates are for you my SeneGence friends. Live Selling levels the playing field. It’s a channel of eCommerce where anyone can thrive. Especially small retailers! 

The advantage of using Facebook for Live Selling 

Our ShipLive platform is designed specifically for hosting Live Shows and selling on Facebook. Across multiple groups and pages at the same time. But, why Facebook … 

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the US. Out of the 270 million social media users in the US, more than 200 million use Facebook. Also, Facebook prioritizes video content, as it has been proven to have much higher engagement. Therefore, it’s way more likely to appear further up someone’s timeline. And people engage 6x more with live video than they do with pre-recorded videoIn other words …


 Facebook is the perfect environment for selling your products on Live Shows. 


Isn’t Facebook Live Selling going away? 

If you Google “Facebook Live Selling” at the moment, you’ll see some articles that may worry you. Many of these will say that Facebook Live Shopping is “going away’. Or, that it’s “ending”. So… to the big question everyone’s asking


  “Can I still sell live on Facebook?”


Well, YES. You CAN still host Live Shows and sell your products on Facebook. Let us clarify … 

On October 1, Facebook is shutting down its own Live Shopping platform support. However, you can still sell live on Facebook using the ShipLive platform. And you’ll still be able to create product playlists and host your Live Shows with ease. So, don’t stress my little pretties. 

How ShipLive Makes Live Selling Easy

The ShipLive platform allows you to sell products, collect payments, ship orders, and process returns. All in one place. Seamlessly. 

And now, it’s even easier to use for SeneGence sellers with the Ship.com integration for Square. 

Need we say any more? We know Live Selling is GREAT for small retailers. We know that ShipLive makes Live Selling streamlined and easy. And now there’s a Square integration? 

You’re probably sitting there thinking… 


“I don’t need any more convincing. I’m sold. Just tell me how I can get started”


We hear ya. So, here’s how easy it is to set up a Facebook Live Show, Go Live and grow your sales! 


How to Set-up a Facebook Live Show and Go Live in 5 Simple Steps



Steps on How to Go Live with Square and Ship
Step 1: Set-Up Square + Ship Integration

On your computer, go to your brand setup page. Then, click on Square to complete the integration.

Step 2: Create Your Live Show

In the Ship.com Live Selling Platform, simply click Set Up Live Broadcast to start the process of scheduling your Live Show.

Step 3: Give it a Title 

When you’re scheduling your Live Show, you’ll be asked to give it a title and description. Give this some thought. You want something short and sweet. But also, you want it to give enough information. This way, your audience knows what to look forward to.

Step 4: Enter Your Inventory and Set-Up Your Product Playlist

This step is a crucial part of creating your event. After all, your products are why your audience tuned in. Here’s what you need to do when entering inventory:

First, start typing the Product Name to pull up any matching inventory from Square.


  • Select the correct item from the optional list provided
  • All quantities and variants will be imported automatically. You can delete the variant or only include any quantity available for the sale.

Also, you want to make sure to:

  • Select Allow Back Orders. This allows you to keep a record of all customers who comment to purchase in the exact order they comment.
  • Select Auto Generate Keywords so the system will assign each item a keyword and number for purchasing.
  • Insert the Product Name for display.
Step 5: GO LIVE!

The time has come to Go Live! To begin your Live Show, follow these steps:

  • From your Live Selling Dashboard, under Saved Broadcasts, click the Go Live button next to your scheduled Live Show.
  • Accept browser permissions to give Ship.com access to your microphone and camera.
  • When you click the Go Live button, your show will Go Live, and you’ll start capturing sales!
  • Pro tip: Make sure you have your pop-up blockers turned off.




Psssst, you there!: If you need any more info about Live Selling on Facebook, check out our Facebook Live Selling Beginners Guide. It’s full of the tips and info you need to start and succeed in Live Selling.

Are You Ready to GO LIVE with Ship and Receive our Special Offer…

At the start of this blog, we mentioned we had a special something for you. Here’s a video from our CEO, Joe …



That’s right. You can receive $10 shipping credit when you make your first Live Sale and join Ship.com’s Facebook Live Social Selling group! We’ll automatically add it to your account. 

Plus, we’ll refund ALL your Live Selling transaction fees if you don’t increase your sales in 30 days. That’s how confident we are about Live Selling. 

So SeneGence friend, what are you waiting for? Go, set up your first Facebook Live Show and sell those beautiful products of yours! 

Enjoy those new Square integrations, increased sales, and $10 shipping credit on us