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Ship Your Orders Like A Pro

Ship Your Orders Like A Pro

Ship your orders from the comfort of your home with Ship.com!

As a home business owner, your time is precious—it’s time that is likely divided between your business, family, and many other responsibilities. The last thing you have time for is standing in line to send a package. Time is money, after all.

“Shipping is so expensive! … I don’t have time to go to the post office.” We’ve all said it! But the good news is you don’t have to settle.

The answer to your problem(s) is Ship.com’s shipping tool.

Ship.com is the fastest and easiest way to print shipping labels. Sync your brand to automatically import your orders and quickly purchase and print discounted shipping labels. Ship.com offers the lowest shipping rates for the lowest monthly subscription cost.

But don’t take our word for it—our customers tell it best:

“Ship.com is helping by making shipping from home easy and cost-effective.”
—Melaney B., @mbass86
“I don’t have time for complicated shipping programs, so I switched to Ship.com to simplify my operations. My goal is to get beautiful clothes to my customers as quickly as possible, and Ship.com makes that process simple and smooth!”

—Stephanie H., @lularoestephaniehallsten

“Going to the post office was not an option with 3 kids at home during remote learning. I chose Ship.com because it is so easy, affordable (pays for itself), and I can refer it to my downlines.”
—Britta L.

“One of the problems I was trying to solve that led me to Ship.com was my need to ship orders to my customers in a timely fashion. The lines at the post office were always so long, and I was always pressed for time.”
—Ashley H.

“I started using Ship.com to cut down on shipping costs but got so much more than that! It helps me keep up with my customers, send follow-up emails, track shipments, and generally keep on top of things!”
—Erin H., @keep_it_simply_sassy

“What started as a small part-time clothing boutique has developed into a full-time boutique with tons of handmade accessories and time for the whole family. Ship.com gives us an easier way to ship orders without having to manually type in every customer’s info for each shipment.”
—Alicia S., @lulaalsal

Shipping Carriers

Ship.com works with the top shipping carriers to bring you low, discounted shipping rates.

U.S. Post Office (USPS)

Ship.com can help you can find the lowest rates for USPS shipping products. Our rates may even be lower than what you would pay if you went directly to your local post office!

With Ship.com, you can even schedule a USPS next-day carrier pick-up from your door or mailbox in just 2-clicks—at no additional cost.

Ship.com discount rates are available for:

Priority Flat Rate Envelopes (Standard, Padded, Legal)
Priority Flat Rate Boxes (Small, Medium, Large)
Priority Regional Rate Boxes (Box A and Box B)
Priority Cubic Pricing
Priority Express Shipping
First Class

In addition to USPS, Ship.com can help you can find the lowest rates for FedEx products. Our rates may even beat what you would pay if you went directly to your FedEx Store!

With Ship.com, you can quickly and easily purchase and print FedEx postage labels due to our special integrations. Now you can save both time and money when you use FedEx for your shipping needs. With Ship.com, the process is now easier and more convenient.

Ship.com discount rates are available for:

Priority Overnight
Standard Overnight
Express Saver
2 Day

Ship.com Shipping Features

Shipping quotes. Find out exactly how much each package will cost before you send it. With Ship.com, you will find the lowest price for the fastest delivery. Provide accurate shipping information to your customers and, best of all, save time and money in the process. Choose to build your shipping quote for USPS (See Figure 1) or FedEx (See Figure 2).
Figure 1. Build a USPS shipping quote

Figure 2. Build a FedEx shipping quote

Automatic Order Importing. Sync your brand and Ship.com will automatically import your customer order information. No more manually entering order and shipping information, which reduces the potential for shipping errors. You’ll also save time with 3-click label purchasing.

Combine orders quickly and easily to create one shipping label. Get a convenient view of all your order information in one place. Save time and money by reducing shipments and improve your customer’s satisfaction with lower shipping costs.

Batch purchasing allows you to buy several labels at once. You can also print multiple labels, pack lists, or packing sheets. Ship more packages in less time, reduce manual and repetitive processes, and reduce the chance for human error.

Print a SCAN form. Ship.com makes it easy for you to create a SCAN form for the post office, also known as a shipping manifest. Use this feature to reduce shipping errors and ensure your shipment is complete, meeting the carrier requirements.

Schedule a carrier pick-up. Ship.com has a convenient feature that allows you to request a next-day carrier pick-up in just 2-clicks. Ditch those time-consuming trips to the post office and reduce environmental impact. Select your preferred convenient pick-up location and when you would like the package picked up. It’s that simple!

Print pick and packing slips. Ship.com creates a printable page listing all the items in your customer order, combined by item. Each packing slip page details the items included in the order. Pick and pack your customer orders with greater accuracy. This feature provides customer reference and reduces support inquiries while improving your inventory management.

Process a return quickly and easily, and email a return shipping label directly through the platform. This feature reduces the friction in processing your customer returns and time spent providing customer support. Improve customer satisfaction overall and save time!

Ship and track from your phone. Ship.com makes your life easier by simplifying shipping, tracking, and delivery. Download the mobile app on Google Play or in the App Store.

  • Automatically track every package from every retailer.Ship.com syncs with your Gmail account to track your orders. Never search for a tracking number again. No copying and pasting required.
  • Get real-time updates and delivery notifications.Know where your packages are and when they’ll arrive. Get automatic delivery notifications and see the order status all in one place.
  • Ship without an address with ShipTag™.We invented the ShipTag. With a ShipTag, you can send to another Ship.com user without knowing their delivery address. Get your unique ShipTag now before it’s gone. You don’t want to end up with @Mike4537687.
  • FREE home pick-up. Never go to the post office again. Print a shipping label and request a home pick-up right from your phone. Your package is on its way without leaving the house.
  • Share delivery information with family and friends. Worried about porch pirates? Need other people to retrieve or receive packages for you? Want to know everything that’s delivered to your home? Need to share Amazon delivery info with family members?
    Ship.com is the only app that allows you to share real-time delivery updates with family, friends, and neighbors.

A Closer Look

Orders Dashboard

Upon logging into the Ship.com platform, you will see the Orders dashboard (See Figure 3).

Figure 3. The Orders dashboard in the Ship.com platform.

This easy-to-navigate dashboard allows you to sort orders by customer, total spend, and order date.

  • Customer: A-Z, Z-A
  • Total: high-low, low-high
  • Order Date: newest-oldest, oldest-newest

You can also filter by Status: All, Waiting for payment, Ready to ship, Label purchased, Label refunded, Waiting for pick-up, In transit, Back Ordered, Delivered, Completed, Returns, Delivery Exceptions, Canceled.

This intuitive dashboard even helps you keep your orders orderly by asking you to clean up old orders (See Figure 4).
This intuitive dashboard even helps you keep your orders orderly by asking you to clean up old orders (See Figure 4).

Figure 4. Clean up old orders on your Orders dashboard.

Take additional Actions such as Buy shipping label or Skip shipping for an order altogether (See Figure 5).

Figure 5. Choose to Buy shipping label or Skip shipping under the Actions column. For more options, click on the three vertical dots.

More options are available for each order by clicking on the three vertical dots pastedGraphic_5.png on the far right (See Figure 5):

  • Send Email
  • Set tracking #
  • Merge order
  • Cancel order
  • Print Pack Slip

New Order / Create Invoice Button

At the top of the Orders dashboard, you will see the + New Order and + Create Invoice buttons. Click on either button to begin. Search for a customer or entering a new one. Add the product(s) to the invoice and choose whether the shipping cost should be taxed. From here, you can send the invoice or create an order. Additional options include marking the invoice “Ready to Ship” or “Waiting for Payment.” You can also save a draft of the invoice and return to it at a later time.

Sync Orders

If you integrate your brand, you will also find a button to sync your orders at the top of the Orders dashboard. You even have the option to use more than one brand/payment processor on Ship.com. Click on the Sync Orders button (See Figure 6) to get started.

Figure 6. Use the Sync Orders button to sync your brand(s) automatically.

Supported Brands

Ship.com automatically pulls info from your email so that you can focus on your most important work. Ship.com eliminates the need to manually enter or upload orders and customer data by automatically importing order information from your forwarded invoice and payment emails. Connect your brand with Ship.com and all of your orders will automatically populate into your Ship.com dashboard.

  • Chalk Couture
  • Color Street
  • DotDotSmile
  • Etsy
  • Java Momma
  • LuLaRoe Bless
  • Maverick
  • Paisley Raye
  • Pampered Chef
  • Papparazzi
  • Piphany
  • Pure Romance
  • Ring Bomb Party
  • Senegence (Lipsense)
  • ZyiaActive

Don’t see your brand? No problem! Anyone can use Ship.com to ship a package! You do not need to be associated with one of our currently supported brands, but please reach out to customer support if you would like to see your brand added for automatic order importing. In the meantime, use the Upload CSV button to import your orders.

Supported Payment Processors

We currently work with several major POS systems, including the following:

  • Etsy
  • Paypal
  • Shopify
  • Square

Upload CSV

If your brand is not listed or you do not have a Gmail or Outlook account, you will need to import your orders. Click on the Upload CSV button to upload your CSV file.


Figure 7. Use the Upload CSV button to import your order(s).

Free Ship.com Access

You can access the Ship.com app and desktop platform for free, including tracking information, shared deliveries, and the use of your ShipTag handle. Ship.com offers additional paid services. For instance, when you send a package on the Ship.com platform, you must pay the cost of shipping to purchase a shipping label.

The good news is Ship.com can help you can find the lowest rates for USPS and FedEx shipping products. Our rates may even be lower than what you would pay if you went directly to your local post office or through FedEx!

Subscription Packages

All packages include automatic order importing, painless label purchasing, order management, top-notch encryption and security, and amazing customer support!
Compare packages on Ship.com.


Simple shipping solution for home business owners starting a new business.

  • Ship 20 packages per month and only $10 per additional 80.
  • Includes discounted USPS rates and post-shipment support and returns, address validation, bath printing, and report generation.
  • Invoicing fees are $0.30 + 2.95% per transaction.
  • Support includes email support and access to the Knowledge Library.

Professional shipping and marketing tools to grow and manage your business.

  • Ship 500 packages per month and only $10 per additional 100.
  • Includes all benefits from the Starter package plus automated follow-up emails, customized follow-up emails, cubic discounts, pick-up service, batch purchasing, custom label messaging, and Essential access to email marketing platform and rewards program.
  • Delivery Guarantee available upon purchase.
    Invoicing fees are $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction.
    Support includes email support, access to the Knowledge Library, and priority support.


Unlimited discounted shipping and expert marketing solutions to maximize business growth.

  • Ship UNLIMITED packages per month.
  • Includes all benefits from the Growth package plus automated follow-up emails, customized follow-up emails, cubic discounts, pick-up service, batch purchasing, custom label messaging, and Unlimited access to email marketing platform and rewards program.
  • Invoicing fees are $0.30 + 2.89% per transaction.
    Support includes email support, access to the Knowledge Library, priority support, live chat, and phone support.

Get Started

Get simplified shipping and marketing for your home business—learn how you can get UNLIMITED access to the Ship.com platform risk-free for 30 days. Cancel anytime.

Here’s how to make the most of your free trial.

Set Up Your Account and Brand Quickly

Ship.com’s comprehensive onboarding modal is designed to guide you through account setup and brand integration quickly and easily.

  • Follow the easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Watch the Shipping and Email Marketing tutorials.
  • Visit the Help Center for a comprehensive library of FAQs and Tutorials.
  • Ship.com Support Team is standing by.
  • Reach out via chat or email for knowledgeable l-on-l customer support.

Ship Your Packages

Most users will find that their monthly shipping savings exceed the low subscription cost.

  • Access low discounted shipping rates.
  • Automatically import your orders.
  • Compare shipping rates and purchase a label in 3-clicks.

Schedule a Carrier Pick-up

  • Schedule a free USPS carrier pick-up right from your door in just 2-clicks.
  • Set up a next-day post-office pick-up.
  • Free up your daily schedule and eliminate those time-wasting trips to the post office.

Set Up Your Email Marketing Messages

Stay in touch to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Access a multitude of built-in email templates.
  • Customize the copy to fit your business.
  • Save to create your own library of messages.
  • Create a custom look by inserting your logo, product, and lifestyle images.
  • Use the personalization tags to send personalized email messages.

Create a Rewards Program

  • Increase customer loyalty by rewarding your customers’ repeat purchases.
  • Assign points for purchases and automatically track your customers’ progress.
  • Select a fun emoji to help your customers track their gift progress.
  • Your customers will receive an automated email notifying them of their reward.

Refer New Users to Ship.com and Get Paid

At Ship.com, we love referrals!

  • Receive up to $72 per referral – get paid for your 1st and 2nd level recruits.
  • Just share your Referral URL, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Share on your website and social media channels and in emails.

About Ship.com

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the package delivery process is annoying and not very fun.

What if you didn’t have to check UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon sites for tracking numbers?

What if you could send packages from where you are (and never stand in line again at the post office, UPS Store, or FedEx Office)?

What if you could share in the experience of those deliveries?

Wouldn’t it be great to know when someone receives a package and get a reaction?

What if you could send a package without an address?

Ship.com is re-imagining the delivery process and has built a platform that brings it to life so you can experience delivery magic. Our innovative app is simple to activate and alerts you when your package has been delivered (perhaps one you expected or even forgot about).

If you send packages frequently, Ship.com is for you. Ship.com takes care of the annoying legwork you do to keep track of your shipments, then adds new and innovative features that make the way you send packages fun, social, and valuable.

Led by a team of executives with decades of experience in eCommerce software and services for online retailers, Ship.com is the one place that “auto-magically” connects everything you send and then helps you manage and share all your outgoing shipments.

Ship.com is available today for download on iOS and Android. You can find Ship.com on Alexa and Google Home, too.