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Ship Ambassador Program

Share the Ship Platform to receive a 10% commission on the revenue generated by your referrals for up to 1 year.

Here’s How It Works

Become an

To begin getting paid for your referrals, you need to become a Ship user.

Share Your
Referral Link

Share your referral link on social media and via email with business owners like you.

Start Earning
Extra Income

Receive 10% commission on the revenue generated by each subscriber you refer.

How Much Can You Earn? The Sky’s the Limit.

Earn extra income by recruiting new users!

10% Commission

Earn 10% of the revenue generated by your referrals’ live sales and subscriptions for up to 12 months.


Average commission payout per referral. This approximate estimate is not guaranteed.

30-Day $500 Bonus

Sign up 10 merchants who make a sale during a live sales event to earn a $500 bonus!

Turn Your Network into an Income Stream

Share Your ShipLive Recruiting Link on websites, social media and via email

Get your recruiting link when you complete program registration. New users must register via your link to count towards your total.

Earn Recurring Income on your Recruits for Up to 12 Months

Receive monthly commission payouts. Every active paid plan user referred by you counts towards your total.

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