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Overcome Anxiety on Livestreams: 5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Would you consider yourself as someone who’s camera-shy? Or, maybe you’re someone who isn’t overly ecstatic about public speaking. If that sounds like you… keep reading.

Let’s talk about scoptophobia or the fear of being stared at. (Yes, it’s a real thing!) When you pair this with glossophobia –– the fear of public speaking –– you get an interesting combination that isn’t rare and affects many people.

If you struggle with anxiety around being on camera or public speaking, the thought of live selling could spark some insecurities, making you question whether or not you can actually be successful in the space.

We’ve got news for you – you absolutely can overcome anxiety during Livestreams.

Because these fears are common, there are several ways to prepare yourself and overcome any hesitancies you face before your live selling events. At Ship.com, we’re committed to your success using our Live Selling Platform – from preparation and execution to closing sales. This includes sharing practical tips to put your fear of hosting a Livestream at rest.

Here are five tips to help you overcome anxiety during Livestreams and build self-confidence during your live broadcast!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Completing dry runs (or rehearsals) before your event is the perfect way to shake those Livestream jitters. Why? Because you’re becoming comfortable with your material! It’s never a good idea to read your script or set up your studio for the first time right before your scheduled broadcast. When you carve out time for a practice run, you’re familiarizing yourself with the featured products and details you’ll be talking about – and the good news is, the more familiar you are, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be.

Another great thing to practice before your event is any significant area of fear you may have. Give yourself time to work through potential questions you may get or if you happen to have technical difficulties. Preparing a response to those situations is one way to control the uncontrollable, which will help you overcome anxiety during Livestreams.


Yep, we said it. Don’t forget to breathe! When we get nervous, our breathing accelerates, causing us to feel flustered and anxious. When you feel this coming on – remind yourself to slow down. Reserve 5 minutes before your live broadcast to do a deep breathing exercise or a quick meditation. This will calm your nervous system and push away those anxious feelings. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll find a pre-show ritual that works for you.

Invite a Friend or Family Member to Attend your Livestream In-person

Did you know that some people get more anxious and uncomfortable when they feel as though they’re talking to an empty room? If you’re a person who feeds off human interaction and response, inviting a friend or family member to sit in on our live event may be helpful. Seat the person behind the camera you’re streaming from, and talk to them as if you’re telling a good friend about a product you love – because you are! If you decide to try this out, be sure that when you make eye contact with that person, the effect is that you’re looking directly into the camera (that’ll be your little secret!).

Embrace the “Real-life” Moments

Your dog barks in the background? No problem!
One of your kids runs through the door? Tell them to say hi to the camera!
Stumble over your words? Give a little laugh and move on!

All of these “real-life” moments happen every single day. And, since the adoption of Zoom calls and WFH life, people are used to them. If you have a hiccup in your script or during a product feature – just keep moving forward. Embrace the moments that humanize you during your Livestream and leverage them to connect with your audience. Don’t let these “blooper” moments trip you up or cause any embarrassment – embrace them!

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Ship.com Live Selling Platform

Did you see the story about the woman who turned herself into a potato on one of her work calls? She logged on, somehow applied a potato filter to her screen, and couldn’t figure out how to remove it for the rest of the call! While in her case, she went viral and made the absolute best out of the situation, this shows how important it is to be well-versed in the platform you’re using. Lucky for you, the Ship.com Live Selling platform is extremely user-friendly (and no potato filters are allowed!). While the platform is intuitive, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to learn its ins and outs, so you’re fully prepared and confident in taking on your Livestreams. Click here to sign up for a FREE live tutorial with our platform expert.

Live selling is the way of the future. And, if you’re looking to grow your business, increase profits and boost sales, it’s a method you have to try. But, don’t let your fears or anxieties surrounding live events stop you from tapping into the incredible benefits they offer. You have everything it takes to achieve live selling success. We hope these five tips help you achieve a whole new level of confidence and overcome anxiety during Livestreams!