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Live Stream Selling

Go live on Facebook and watch your sales skyrocket.  3 unique ways to benefit.


1. Live Comment Selling – Go live on Facebook, with comment selling, and completely automate the order taking process. Our solution is the easiest and most cost effective way to go live.  You can go live in under 5 minutes.

2. Replay Selling  – Once completed your live video will remain active on Facebook. This allows customers to continue watching your video 24/7 and for you to continue receiving orders for days after the sale ends.  Record once and continue getting orders while you sleep.  

3. Quick Live (reel selling)- You can record a quick 30 second live video (with no audience)which automatically posts to Facebook. Similar to a “reel”, but customers can enter comments while watching your video and instantly buy your product. The fastest and easiest way to start.

Live selling produces spectacular results!

  • 10x your sales conversion rate versus traditional ecommerce
  • 3x the amount a customer buys from you 
  • 2x increase in your current sales

Live selling is included with your free trial. Try it FREE.


Less Time:  Completely automate your live sales so you can focus on selling. After the sale all customer and order information is in the dashboard and at your fingertips. 

More Sales – Live selling produces a higher return for less work than other forms of online sales. You can make money while you are live and also while you’re asleep.

Deeper Engagement – Live selling helps you form more personal and longer lasting relationship with your customers resulting in increased loyalty and higher lifetime sales.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

“I love the platform! Loading the inventory was so easy.” Taylor S.

“My customers really enjoyed how the platform works and how it looks/sounds for them.” Courtney C.

“I love how the platform automatically merged orders from the same customer.” Amanda H.

Here’s What You Can Do

Live Automated Facebook Comment Selling

Go live in as little as 5 minutes on multiple Facebook accounts at the same time.  Completely automate your live Facebook sales with comment selling. Sell more, sell faster and sell easier with less cost.

Go live simultaneously in Facebook groups and pages
 Automated comments inform customers of purchase wins
 All customer and order information recorded in your dashboard
 Great for selling multiple products with variations that need demonstration

Replay Selling

Once the live is over, the sales do not stop.  You live will be posted to Facebook where people can watch and continue to buy using comments for days after the sale.

Buyers simply comment to purchase
Saves time and increases your sales
 Customers that miss the live sales can still watch and buy


Quick Live

A Quick Live is like a “reel for selling”. You “go live” and record a quick 30 to 60 second live video that is automatically posted to Facebook. Customers can watch at their leisure and comment to buy. Unlike a full live sale, a Quick Live is a fast and easy way to get started and instantly boost your sales..  

 Very easy low stress way to get started selling with live video
 Great for selling one or two products or for a new product launch 
 Great for liquidating older products or for sale items


Easily Collect Payments

ShipPay will allow you to directly invoice customers and collect payment through our automated credit card processing system.  Or, if you prefer to use Square or PayPal, our direct integration makes it easy.

Receive payments as soon as the next day
Complete visibility with a full slate of reporting tools 
Request payments in just a few clicks

Simplify your shipping with Ship.com

Ship Your Orders

You can ship an order in as little as 3 clicks at the lowest shipping rates available.  We are called Ship.com

Shipments automatically created from order information
Easily select the lowest price for the fastest delivery 
Automatically provide accurate tracking information to your customers
Get a convenient view of all your order information in one place

Email Communication Tools

Ship customer communications tool includes several easy-to-use message templates designed for live selling success. Send email messages with ease before the sale to drive buyers to your livestream, during the sale to confirm purchases, and after your sale to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

 Great for targeted customer communication 
Maintain a connection with customers between purchases
 Keep customers informed about new product offerings
Send targeted messages to keep customers engaged
 Build customer relationships with a personalized experience

Loyalty & Reward Tools

The Ship platform includes a simple rewards program that allows you to assign points for purchases and automatically tracks customer progress.

Create a customized program to meet your business goals
Make your best customers feel like VIPs
Great for small businesses who like to reward customer loyalty
Increase customer retention and repeat purchases

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