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Your Live Selling Community Awaits at Ship.com

Have you ever faced a difficult challenge that left you thinking, “Wow, I wish I had someone alongside me on this journey”? Or, maybe when you came face to face with a tough decision or a large goal you were committed to achieving, you were lucky enough to be surrounded by loved ones to cheer you on. The simple truth is that challenges, whether planned or unplanned, are easier to tackle when you have your community by your side.

Not only do communities of friends, family, and even colleagues help us get through tough times, but they also give us a sense of belonging. There is no better feeling than turning to someone in a time of need that actually understands what you’re going through and can give sound advice. 

Whether you have a major goal to complete a marathon, or you’re facing a particularly tough time in life with personal relationships or career changes – walking through life with a trusted group of encouragers is always easier than going at it alone.

This is something I discovered when I was pursuing my dream of being an entrepreneur. I reached a point where I was fed up – tired of someone else dictating my schedule, taking me away from my family, and overall unfulfilling work. It was time for a change. So, I dipped my toe in direct selling. And, I LOVED IT! 

From creating my own schedule to connecting with women across the country, I had finally found a job I was excited about and eager to do. But, I quickly learned that being an entrepreneur is not an easy feat. It became more and more difficult to expand my list of customers and maintain a steady flow of profits. So, determined to find a tactic that would fuel my sales growth, I decided to dabble in the world of live stream selling. 

Let me tell you – this did not come naturally to me right off the bat. From feeling uncomfortable on camera and not attracting an audience to finding it difficult to carve out the time I needed to commit to live selling, I got discouraged. And just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I came across Ship.com. 

Initially, I was drawn to the intuitive ShipLive Social Selling Platform. It combines live selling, invoicing, shipping, and workflow mapping all in one solution. What more could a direct seller ask for? Well, there’s one thing I can think of.

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs navigating the live selling space. That’s right. While the ShipLive Platform is an absolute game-changer, connecting with a group of live selling professionals and direct sellers in the same boat as I am is what really sold me on Ship.com. 

Remember those live selling challenges I was facing? With this new community, I was flooded with potential solutions and ideas on how to successfully overcome them and continue to grow my business. In the Ship.com Live Stream Selling Group, members are provided with the following:

  • Direct connection to the Ship.com Customer Success Team
  • Live selling resources 
  • First access to new live selling features
  • Trending and creative live selling tactics
  • Social media content schedule and post examples
  • Best of all, a place to ask the experts any live selling questions!

If you feel stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to live selling, prioritize joining a live selling community like Ship.com. You’ll quickly find a support network with resources that will help drive growth – both personal and professional.

Are you ready to join a group that encourages you to work toward your live selling goals? Join the Ship.com Facebook Group today! We can’t wait to meet you.😄