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Is Facebook Live Selling Going Away? Not Exactly…

Facebook Live Shopping isn't completely going away...


Facebook Live Selling has become such an important part of your sales strategy. Now, you can’t ever imagine parting with it. And no wonder! It’s exciting, connects you to your buyers, and it’s predicted to be worth $35 billion dollars in sales by 2024. There’s a lot to love. But recently, you’ve noticed some headlines. Headlines like “Facebook Live Shopping is Going Away”. Or “Facebook to end Live Shopping on October 1st”. 

Naturally, this has worried you. You’ve worked SO HARD to build your loyal Live Shopping audience on Facebook. And you really don’t want to lose that. 

So, what’s the news? Is this actually the end of Live Sales on Facebook? Is Facebook Live Shopping really going away? Not exactly, keep reading…

Facebook is Closing ITS OWN Live Shopping Feature on October 1st, BUT you can Still GO LIVE and Sell

Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down its own Live Shopping Feature on October 1st.

However, they said that users can still use Facebook Live to broadcast live events. But you won’t be able to create product playlists or tag products in Facebook Live Videos.

What does this mean for Facebook Live Sellers?

While Facebook’s own Live Shopping Feature is going away, you CAN still sell live on Facebook. You just won’t be able to benefit from the features like being able to create Product Playlists.

That means there’s good news and bad news:

The Good NewsYou can keep Live Selling on Facebook. You don’t need to lose your loyal audience. And it’s wise to do so. It’s an integral part of your eCommerce sales strategy. Plus, Live Selling conversion rates are 10x higher than traditional eCommerce.

The Bad News: If you used Facebook’s Own Live Shopping Tool, you’re now missing some crucial features that made Live Selling so easy.


But we can’t end on bad news. So, there’s some more good news to counteract that bad news…


You need a fix to the problems caused by the end of Facebook Live Shopping function. To make sure you can continue selling your amazing products Live on Facebook, seamlessly. In fact, more seamlessly than ever more.


That’s where the ShipLive Social Selling Platform comes in…

Keep Going Live and Selling your Products on Facebook with ShipLive

Facebook’s own Live Shopping Function may be coming to an end. But you can still Go Live on Facebook with the ShipLive Selling Platform, set up product playlists and make sales. Plus, it makes the entire Live Selling process so much easier.

With ShipLive, you can sell, invoice customers, receive payment and ship all from one place. It’s all automated, which means the hard work involved in those tedious tasks that come with Live Sales are done for you. The platform also now has integrations with Square and PayPal. These additions make invoicing, payment, and shipping easy-breezy.

And… There are now 3 ways to GO LIVE with ShipLive and sell your awesome products on Facebook.

3 Ways to Go Live and Sell on Facebook with ShipLive

1. Live Comment Selling

Live Comment Selling allows you to host a Live Show, interact with buyers in real-time and easily receive sales through comments.

Your sales are entirely automated with comment selling. The platform sends comments to tell buyers about purchase wins! And all customer and order info are automatically recorded in your dashboard. Meaning that you can quickly send invoices and ship products.

Not to mention that It’s super quick to set-up. You can Go Live in under 5 minutes in multiple Facebook groups and pages at the same time. This is a great way to Go Live, maximize your potential audience and sell multiple products.

2. Replay Selling

ShipLive now offers Replay Selling. Ok, technically it’s not “live”. But you’re still making sales from a video that was once live on Facebook. So, how does it work? 

Once your Live Comment Selling Show is done, your live video stays in your Facebook feed. As a result, buyers can continue watching your video 24/7. And they still only need to comment to buy items. With Replay Selling, you can keep receiving orders days after your sale ends. It acts as a form of “set it and forget it” passive income. So, you don’t have to spend time and energy hosting multiple Live Shows a week to grow your sales. This also means that customers who missed the video when it was live can still comment and buy. And you can still interact with buyers in the comments to develop your relationship. 

3. Quick Live (Reel Selling)

This one is exciting. Reels are all the rage at the moment. They’ve already made waves on Instagram. Now, Facebook Reels are going global!

The ShipLive Social Selling Platform now allows you to record a short 30 second live video and sell on Facebook. Quick Live’s are very similar to a reel. However, customers can comment on your short video to buy your product. 

Quick Live’s are a great starting point for those who aren’t confident about Going Live in-front of an audience. They also offer an excellent way to launch new products and quickly sell one or two products. Like for-sale items. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get started with Live Social Selling.

Those who start with Reel Selling now are at an advantage. The earlier you start, the more your content gets highlighted and shared. The more it gets highlighted and shared, the further up people’s news feeds it appears. 


This means more viewers, which leads to more sales! 


Reel Selling presents a HUGE opportunity for Live Sellers. And ShipLive is here to help you capitalize on it.


Summary: Facebook Live Sales are Here to Stay 

Yes, Facebook’s own Live Shopping Feature may be going away. But Facebook Live Sales are here to stay with the ShipLive Platform. Just because Facebook is switching its focus, you DON’T have to miss out. With ShipLive, you’re still able to Go Live. You WON’T lose your loyal audience that you’ve worked so hard to build. And you can save your sales. 




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