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How to Get More Shoppers to Your Live Selling Events

How do you get more viewers to your live selling?

Picture this: You’re in the process of trying to grow your business. And, to increase those sales, you’ve started hosting Facebook live selling events. But, you feel as though you can’t quite hit the mark with live selling. You may be wondering how to get viewers on live selling events, or maybe if Facebook live selling is effective for you. 

First – you should be proud of yourself for stepping into the live selling space! It’s an incredible tactic to boost sales and scale your business. But, we know that it can be tricky to get the hang of live selling. Even when you have your products, studio setup, and go live schedule, the hardest part about it all is actually getting people to show up to your events.

Lucky for you, the team at Ship.com has some great suggestions to get viewers on live selling events and discover how effective Facebook live selling can be. The key to growing your live selling audience? 

Referral marketing!

Livestreams are the way of the future. But –– in order to make live broadcasts a valuable part of your sales plan, you need to transfer your loyal and dedicated audience to your online selling platform. Here’s where the secret weapon comes in. Many members of the Ship.com community who’ve struggled to grow live stream audiences have applied the tried and true methods of referral marketing to their live stream selling strategy. And guess what –– they found success!

Referral marketing and Facebook live selling go hand-in-hand. Why? Because it’s a virtual network connecting people from across the world with similar interests. So, when you have one follower who loves your products, chances are they have about 200 friends that share those similar interests just waiting to be introduced to your brand virtually. 

The beauty of using referral marketing to grow live stream audiences via Facebook is that it can happen passively –– like through a post share or a tagged comment –– and it allows you to gain access to potential customers with just the click of a button!

Here’s how Ship.com pairs referral marketing with live selling to grow your audiences and bring more buyers to your broadcasts.

The Power of Email Marketing

Put the power of email to work for your business. Ship.com makes it easy for you to stay in sync with your customers. The best way to encourage referrals with customers is by staying in contact with them! You can save time, improve sales and stay relevant with powerful and timely automated messaging. Ship.com features communications tools that are integrated with your workflow to help you stand out with personalized automated messaging and customizable email marketing templates to remind customers about your upcoming live selling events!

When it comes to creating your email marketing communications, Ship.com offers pre-existing email templates as well as an intuitive email editor to suit the needs of all business owners. With Ship.com’s versatile platform, you gain access to convenient and impactful email marketing tools that allow you to brand your business, stay in touch with your customers, invite customers to live selling events and increase sales by sending email marketing messages to your entire customer databases, or smaller, more exclusive segments. Email marketing is a huge factor in making Facebook live selling effective.

One of a Kind Customer Loyalty Program

You may have considered the idea of instating a customer loyalty program to get viewers on your live selling events, but there can be a lot of effort that goes into creating one from scratch. Ship.com’s simple Rewards Tool can quickly and easily create a successful loyalty program that helps you meet your business goals. This tool allows you to reward your customers and encourage repeat purchases – ultimately increasing your sales and improving customer satisfaction and engagement. 

We understand that time is money, that’s why this tool includes a set-it and forget-it program that allows you to assign points for purchases and automatically track customer progress. You can set simple goals by the number of items purchased or dollars spent to reward your customers in real-time and build those personal relationships critical to growing a business.

The Ship.com Ambassador Program

Refer new users and get paid with the Ship.com Ambassador Program. This program helps our members create a lasting stream of monthly income. Once you sign up for our program, you’ll receive a unique referral link to share with other business owners in search of growth. You can share this link on social media, your website or via email – whatever works best for yourself and your contacts! 

So, how does this referral program work?  We’re glad you asked. Ship.com will pay you up to $72 for every active paid subscriber you refer to the platform. But that’s not all. When your direct recruit refers a user, you both get paid! With the Ambassador Program, you can turn your network into an income stream. This is referral marketing at its finest! The Ambassador Program works hand in hand with Ship.com’s other platforms, including the ShipLive Live Selling tool. 

If you’re working day-in and day-out to boost your live selling audience and increase sales, but haven’t quite found success, don’t get discouraged! These things come with time. We encourage you to discover how referral marketing can work for your business, especially when it’s powered by Ship.com.

Want some great news? You can try Ship.com FREE FOR 14 DAYS! This will give you full access to the subscription of your choice, along with all of our other awesome tools and features. That includes access to our all-in-one live selling platform for Facebook, where you can sell products, collect payments, ship orders, and manage customer communications with ease.  

Here’s to easy shipping and growing your business!