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Habit Stacking: The Simple hack to get “Ship” Done!

The Simple Hack to Get Things Done with Habit Stacking

Growing your business is no easy feat. You’ve got to give it the time, dedication and consistency necessary to establish your brand and increase sales. Along this journey comes many pain points, especially when focused on growth. Common pain points include lack of motivation, an overwhelming feeling you just can’t shake, or lost hope that direct selling will work out for you.

Well – it’s time to face those pain points head-on. We have a hack that works. It’s nothing drastic and it doesn’t have a cost associated. But, what it does have are real results that will guide you along the path to success. 

Our hack? Start small and build habits that make an impact. We’re going to share with you our tried and true method of habit stacking and how you can leverage this approach to overcome those pesky pain points and get your business booming. Before we take a deep dive into habit stacking, there are two necessary steps you need to complete.

1. Carve out time to have a conversation with future you. 

That’s right – Find 10 minutes of your day surrounded by peace and quiet to sit down, close your eyes and talk to yourself in the future. This may seem a bit quirky, but stick with us. When you prioritize time to envision yourself in the future, you’re getting an exclusive look at the version of you that has overcome those core business pain points and has achieved success. 

The goal? To observe how the future you lives life. What is your daily routine? What do you believe about yourself? And, most importantly, what about the future you is different from the current you? This will take both head and heart work, but it’s important to connect with yourself and understand that you have everything it takes to achieve your goals.

2. Incorporate identified differences into your daily and weekly routines. 

Remember that line about identifying what about future you is different than current you? This is where those differences come into play. When looking at the future you, how did they achieve that great success? What tactics did they stay true to? Maybe future you goes live consistently 2-3 times per week, or you’re strategic about your social media approach. Whatever it may be, identify those differences. Now, let’s make them a reality.

Our Habit Stacking Hack

You’ve completed your reflection and now you have a clear idea of what you need to do to achieve success. But, those may still look like larger, unachievable goals. And, to be honest, if you dive right into going live 2-3 times per week with no preparation, you may find yourself stuck and unmotivated to move forward.

This is where you need to overcome your hesitancies and believe in yourself. By starting small and staying consistent, you’ll soon find how adopting those same beliefs and habits as future you will get you places. You may be thinking, “I know how to set goals for myself. How is this any different?” 

Here’s how.

We are SO good at setting ceilings. Those grandiose goals or habits that, in a perfect world, we could achieve every day. But, do we live in a perfect world? Nope. Does life happen to all of us? Yep. So, while we keep those ceilings, we also set what we like to call floors. These are your bare minimum habits that don’t take much time, but still keep you working toward your goal. 

Floors are the tiny version of your ideal habit and they should not take more than 1 minute to do. That way, even when you’re in the thick of it, you can spend 1 minute taking another step toward your goal. Floors can be 1 of 2 things. Either mini versions of your ideal goal, or a starter step to take you to that goal.

Once you have those set, you can decide how you are going to stack your series of habits to get you to the goal. Don’t be afraid to just start with 2 or 3 habits to stack – this will ease you into the life of habit stacking and help you adjust to forming those new daily routines. When deciding on your habits, try to follow the IF-THEN formula. 

That looks like:

If I get on my phone during lunch, then I will message at least 2 potential customers about my upcoming live stream.  This formula allows you to pair those habits with daily tasks you already do, forming a new neuropathway that helps you make progress toward your goal.

To help you get a jump start on stacking those habits and solidifying your goals, ideal habits and floors, here’s an example you begin incorporating into your daily routine today!

Difference between current you and future you: Future you goes live 2-3 times per week to highlight products and increase weekly sales. 

Goal: Go live 2-3 times per week

Ideal Habits:

  • Go live on Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Floor: Schedule my live streams on the ShipLive platform
  • Prepare Inventory at beginning of the week
    • Floor: Load inventory to the ShipLive platform when you receive it
  • Invite 10 new customers to my upcoming live event a week
    • Floor: Send one personalized message to a new customer inviting them to join your live event.

There’s a high-level start for you to get rolling on planning out those goals, habits and floors! When you adopt the beliefs of your future self, set your goals, establish your IF-THEN patterns and start stacking attainable habits, you’ll find yourself excelling in ways you never thought imaginable. Don’t let fear, anxiety or defeat get in the way of your success. You are capable of being the business owner of your dreams – but it starts and ends with you. We hope this blog has hyped you up and has you ready to make some serious moves in the world of live selling. For more information on the ShipLive platform, click here.