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Facebook Live Selling Software, Simplified

Young girl selling cosmetics using Facebook Live Selling Software


With all the juicy benefits Facebook live selling offers small retailers, it’s easy to see why you’d want to get started right away. But it’s difficult to know where to start. There’s lots of information out there on live selling. Blogs comparing the best Facebook live selling software, articles about live-streaming software, videos on what equipment you “need”. It can be overwhelming. 

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you get past some of those humps and explain all of that confusing jargon. We want to guide you step-by-step and set you off on your Facebook live sales journey. The first step is getting started on some easy-to-use Facebook live selling software. 

A streamlined and simple Facebook live selling platform can make ALL the difference. But, what is Facebook live selling software and what does it do? What’s the difference between live selling software and livestream software? Isn’t it the same thing? Is Facebook live selling software hard to use? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, keep reading small eCommerce business friends. We’ve got answers! 

What is Facebook Live Selling Software? 

Facebook live selling software can also be referred to as a Facebook live selling platform. Or livestream selling or live shopping software. It’s all the same thing! 

At the most basic level, Facebook live selling software enables sellers to go live on Facebook and sell products. I know what you’re thinking – can’t I just do that on Facebook itself? Yes you can. But, Facebook live selling platforms often offer a lot more than simply the ability to go live. They offer features that make the entire process of live selling a lot easier. Features like automated comment selling, invoicing and shipping. 

This is great for small retailers like yourself. As someone with your own eCommerce store, you’re often the one that does it all. Shipping, contacting customers, processing returns, doing the admin – you name it, you do it. The features offered by Facebook live selling software make those additional tasks related to selling, easier. Giving you the ability to manage inventory, sell, invoice and ship all from one place. 

Livestream Software vs. Livestream Selling Software

So, what’s the difference between livestream software and livestream selling software? Isn’t it the same thing? Well, if you’re wanting to get started with live sales, the answer is – there’s a lot of difference. And no, it’s not the same thing. Let us explain. 

Live-streaming software gives users the ability to livestream across multiple social media platforms at once. As you can imagine, this increases the amount of potential viewers you’re able to reach. Cool? But what live-streaming software doesn’t do is all the awesome things mentioned in the section above. Managing inventory, invoicing, shipping and all those other tasks are left to you. All the things that are hugely time-consuming for small eCommerce store owners. 

However, with live selling software, this isn’t the case. They’re an all-in-one solution and enable you to carry out all those live selling-related tasks in one place. Tasks like invoicing, shipping and processing returns. One fantastic example of this is our very own Facebook live selling software, ShipLive… 

ShipLive: Facebook Live Selling Software Made Easy  

We wanted to make live selling accessible for micro eCommerce store and small boutique owners. And take care of those time consuming tasks that come with live selling. We thought – how can we make it so small eCommerce businesses can:

  • Carry out the sales process from order to fulfilment in one place. So they don’t have to have multiple subscriptions for lots of different software. (For example separate software for invoicing, customer communications, and shipping). 
  • Spend more time focusing on selling their products and building customer relationships.
  • Achieve a better work-life balance and spend more time with their family! 

So we created the ShipLive Facebook live selling platform. Here are some of the awesome features that we designed for you to make live selling, easy:

1. Automated Comment Purchasing

The ShipLive social selling platform uses automated comment purchasing. This allows shoppers to purchase your products by entering a designated keyword. It’s simple:

  • Buyers comment to purchase.
  • The ShipLive platform logs the items buyers purchase and captures their details.
  • ShipLive automatically tracks all sales made during every livestream in your dashboard.

Automated comment purchasing saves you and your customers time. And it creates a satisfying selling experience that builds loyal customers. It’s the quickest and easiest way for shoppers to buy online.

2.  Built-in Easy Invoicing

Chasing down payments from customers can be frustrating and time-consuming. ShipLive does the work for you when it comes to handling payments. Once a sale is made, you can invoice customers directly for products bought through comments on your live sale. You can collect payment through the ShipPay automated credit card processing system as soon as the next day. Hooray! 

3. Super Simplified Shipping

After payment is received, the ShipLive platform lets you quickly purchase and print discounted shipping lables at the lowest rates available. This saves you a lot of time and money. Shipments are automatically created from the order information stored in the platform. And you can send buyers customized branded shipping notifications. Three clicks and your order is ready to go! Two clicks later and you can arrange a home pickup through your local carrier. 

4. Customer Communications Tool

The ShipLive Facebook selling software also has a pretty nifty customer communications tool. So you can build and maintain that all-important connection between you and your buyers. It includes several easy-to-use message templates designed for live selling success.  With this awesome tool and its templates you can: 

  • Send email messages with ease to drive buyers to your livestream.
  • Send messages during the sale to confirm purchases. And after your sale to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Keep customers informed about new product offerings.
  • Send targeted messages to keep customers engaged.

5. Customized Customers Rewards Program

This one’s mega cool. ShipLive includes its very own simple rewards program. It’s like other rewards programs – allowing you to assign points for purchases. But it also:

  • Automatically tracks customer progress.
  • Allows you to create a customized program to meet your business goals.
  • Saves you time with automated program messaging.

This is an excellent way to reward customers, build your relationships and encourage loyalty. In turn, this is going to increase customer retention and repeat purchases. And we like loyal customers and regular sales.

You’ll also be able to view and manage all your inventory in one place. Making inventory organisation a breeze. The ShipLive Social Selling Software is truly a one-stop shop. And the great news is, it’s so easy to get started… 


How to go Live and Sell on Facebook with the ShipLive Software

With the prospect of all those ShipLive perks, I bet you’re raring to go. You’re probably thinking “How do I get started”? Well, all you need is your desktop, a camera and the ShipLive Social Selling Software. 

Then you need someone to give you a simple step-by-step of how to set-up your first Facebook Live Sale. To show you how easy it is. So, we’ve done that for you… 

Step 1: Set-Up Your Event

In the Ship.com Live Selling Platform, simply click Set Up Live Broadcast to start the process of scheduling your live sale.

Step 2: Give it a Title 

When you’re scheduling your event, you’ll be asked to give it a title and description. Give this some thought. You want something short and sweet. But also, you want it to give enough information so your audience knows what to look forward to.

Step 3: Enter Your Inventory

This step is a crucial part of creating your event. After all, your products are why your audience tuned in. Here’s what you need to know when entering inventory:

  • Select Allow Back Orders. This allows you to keep a record of all customers who comment to purchase in the exact order they comment.
  • Select Auto Generate Keywords so the system will assign each item a keyword and number for purchasing.
  • Insert the Product Name for display.
  • Update the Description to clearly explain the color, type, material, etc. of the product.
  • Update the Quantity and Selling Price for each item in your inventory.
Step 4: Connect to Facebook

This is the step that will allow you to go live through the ShipLive platform onto Facebook. Be sure to grant permissions to Ship.com and Facebook. The platform will walk you through how to do this with pop-up windows as you go. If you want to host a sale in a Facebook Group, add the Ship.com app to the group.

Step 5: Invite People to Your Event

In addition to your regular promotional tactics, here are some little tidbits on us: 

  • Pin a post with a link to your sale on your personal Facebook page. You can also do this on any group you want to promote your event through. 
  • Tell people that they can buy by commenting. All they have to do is enter the designated buying word (usually “sold” or “buy”) and the item number.
  • Let viewers know that to buy through the comments, all they have to do is register with Ship.com! Just tell them to go to www.ship.com/register and connect their Facebook account. It’s that easy. 
Step 6: GO LIVE!
The time has come to go live! To begin your broadcast, follow these steps:
  • From your Live Selling Dashboard, under Future Broadcasts, click the Go Live button next to your scheduled live sale.
  • Accept browser permissions to give Ship.com access to your microphone and camera.
  • When you click the Go Live button, your broadcast will go live and you’ll start capturing sales!
  • Pro tip: Make sure you have your pop-up blockers turned off.

When can I Start Live Selling on Facebook with the ShipLive Software? 

See. We told you Facebook live selling with ShipLive was simple. Plus, there are plenty of perks that make live selling easier for small eCommerce business owners. Not to mention the vast benefits and potential of Facebook live selling itself. So, when can you get started?

Well, today – with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL of the ShipLive Facebook selling software! 

Our free trial gives you full access to the subscription of your choice. As well as access to all of our awesome tools and features – like our ShipLive Facebook live selling software! Simple live selling, super-fast shipping, easy invoicing, and quick customer communications all in one place? For free? That’s what I’m talking about.

We’re super excited for you to be a part of this booming new avenue in eCommerce. And for you to grow your sales by 10x and fall in love with live selling.