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Avoid These 3 Direct Seller Shipping Nightmares: Use a Shipping Platform

As a direct seller, shipping is the bread and butter of your business. It’s not something you can avoid or not make a priority. Your customers have to receive their products one way or another, and that means making regular shipments. Since this is such an important facet of your business, it’s crucial to ensure you’re leveling up your shipping methods so both you and your customers can reap the rewards. 

Shipping is not as easy as some may think. It requires organization, time, and money. Direct sellers like you have found a way to save time and money on shipping requirements. They turn to shipping platforms to assist in every step of the shipping journey, from order placement to the delivery on your customer’s doorstep. 

If you’re thinking, “I don’t need a shipping platform when I can just do it myself,” you may want to continue reading. Here are 3 common shipping nightmares that shipping software can help combat and direct sellers like you who found benefits in using Ship.com for their shipping needs.

Your business is taking off and the cost of shipping is taking a large cut of your profits.

Shipping costs are on the rise. And, when you have an influx of orders to ship out, you may think there’s no way around the shipping costs you face. But, with shipping software, you can sync your brand to automatically import orders and quickly purchase and print discounted shipping labels. Plus, you can also determine exactly how much each package will cost before sending it, so you can budget accordingly!

“I found Ship.com when I was looking for a platform that made shipping from home easier. As I continue to grow my business, Ship.com is helping by making shipping from home easy and cost-effective.” – Melaney B.

Week after week, you find yourself struggling to make it to the post office to drop off shipments. This has resulted in delayed orders, increased costs, and additional stress. It feels like an ongoing cycle you just aren’t able to break.

What if we told you that you never had to make a trip to the post office again? That’s right! When you implement shipping software into your operations, you’re able to schedule carrier pickups directly from your home. With this method, direct sellers can save up to 73% versus making trips to the post office every week, and on average save 90 minutes or more weekly

 “I’m a mom of three and married to my high school sweetheart. Owning a small home clothing boutique has been a part of my life for over 4 years now. I don’t have time for complicated shipping programs, so I switched to Ship.com to simplify my operations. My goal is to get beautiful clothes to my customers as quickly as possible, and Ship.com makes that process simple and smooth!” – Stephanie H.

You shipped your product weeks ago, and your customers still haven’t received them. You didn’t pay for additional tracking information, so now you have to ship new products and eat the cost. Plus, you have unhappy customers who are threatening to leave bad reviews.

You can avoid this nightmare entirely when trusting shipping software. These platforms create a printable page listing of all the items in your customer order, combined by item. Then, you print off packing slips that detail all items included in the order, so you confidently know which products are going where. Once picked up by the carrier, both you and the customer on the receiving end will get a tracking link that’s updated consistently. Shipping transparency for the win! 

Ship.com gives us an easier way to ship orders without having to manually type in every customer’s info for each shipment. The automated emails sent with every shipment save us so much time in the long run, so there are fewer package questions and tracking issues.”– Alicia S.

Shipping platforms like ShipOrder are a no-brainer for direct sellers who run home-based businesses. ShipOrder helps you improve customer satisfaction and increase sales with low-cost shipping options. 

And do you know what’s even better? All of the incredible benefits of ShipOrder are incorporated into our ShipLive program. This means that when you host a live selling event, any products purchased through comment selling are immediately documented in the ShipLive platform, and you have everything you need to successfully fulfill your orders. From inventory and invoicing to printing shipping labels and tracking deliveries, ShipLive has all you need in one, streamlined platform. 

ShipOrder and ShipLive can help you manage your shipping operations and improve ROI for your growing business. To try them both free for 14 days, click here to get started!