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ShipOrder: The Shipping Platform Your Small Business Needs

Shipping Headaches? Your Small Business NEEDS a Shipping Platform!

As a small eCommerce business owner, you have to wear many hats; salesperson, marketer, administrator – you name it, you do it. It can be exhausting. But on top of all that, there’s shipping. You have to ship orders on time, keep shipping costs down and keep customer satisfaction up. Diagnosis? You’re in desperate need of an easy-to-use shipping platform for your small business. 

This sounds a lot like our customer, Stephanie. With 3 children and a small home clothing boutique to run, she didn’t have time for complicated shipping or post office lines. Stephanie needed something that would simplify her operations and spare her the headaches. So she started to use ShipOrder; our shipping platform that makes shipping easy for small businesses. Now Stephanie is able to get beautiful clothes to her customers quickly and without any hassle, whilst saving precious time and money. 

Like Stephanie, we don’t want you to spend time dealing with the headaches of complicated shipping. We want you to be able to focus on increasing sales and growing your business. And ShipOrder is the shipping platform your small business needs to do that. Here are some reasons why… 

7 Reasons why ShipOrder is the Shipping Platform your Small Business Needs

1. Discounted shipping labels

Have you ever spent a ton of time trawling the internet for cheap or discounted shipping labels? And then when you’ve found something, you’re still not sure whether it’s the best deal you can get? For small business owners who don’t use a shipping platform, this is a common problem. One that can be painfully time-consuming and costly.

With ShipOrder, you automatically get discounted shipping labels on USPS and UPS. That means no more hours of searching and no more worrying about whether you’ve got the best deal or not. Plus, you’ll also be able to see exactly how much each package will cost before sending it, so you can budget accordingly! 

Did we mention it’s super easy to purchase a shipping label? It only takes 3 clicks!

2. No more pesky post office trips

Before using our shipping platform, one of the biggest pain points for a lot of our customers was those pesky post office trips. Whether it’s travel time or time spent in queues, post office trips eat away at your time. This is time that you could be spending increasing sales and growing your small business. 

Well, there’s good news. ShipOrder allows you to schedule a next-day carrier pickup in just 2-clicks and select a location that’s convenient for you. This allows you to save at least 90 minutes per week and increase profits by saving up to 73%. A true win for your small business. 

3. Automatic order importing

Another major time consumer is having to manually enter order and shipping information. Without an easy-to-use shipping platform, this can take up a lot of time for small business owners. 

However, when you’ve synced your brand to Ship.com, your customer order information will be automatically imported. Another huge time saver. This also reduces potential shipping errors; saving your small business money and preventing dreaded customer dissatisfaction. 

4. Quickly and easily combine orders

If you don’t have a streamlined system, it can be difficult to keep track of customer orders. One common mistake that can be made by small eCommerce business owners is making multiple shipments for one customer and paying for multiple shipping labels.

ShipOrder enables you to quickly and easily combine multiple orders to create one shipping label. This will help you deliver multiple orders in one package, reducing your shipments and saving you precious time and money. And as a result, you can improve customer satisfaction with lower shipping costs

5. Batch purchasing

Another feature of our shipping platform that’s an absolute godsend for small eCommerce businesses is batch purchasing. This allows you to buy several labels at once. You can also print multiple labels, pack lists, or packing sheets. So forget manually printing labels with ALL of the same shipping parameters.

Ultimately, this feature is going to help you ship more packages in less time, by reducing those repetitive processes. There’s also the added bonus of reducing errors made by error-prone humans!

6. Easily print a scan form and pick and packing slips

If you’re a small eCommerce business owner, you may be used to shipping a large number of packages at once. So you’ll be familiar with SCAN Forms. Or, as they’re otherwise known, shipping manifests. But if you’re not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. A shipping manifest is a single sheet of paper that the Post Office will ask you to print. It contains a list of all the shipments you’ll be sending. 

The ShipOrder platform makes it easy for you to create a scan form, so you can meet carrier requirements and reduce potential shipping errors. It also enables you to create a printable page listing all of the items in your customer order, combined by item. This is going to help you pick and pack orders more accurately and majorly improve inventory management. 

7. Quickly process returns

Not having an efficient and quick way to process customer returns can be super costly. And we’re not just talking about monetary costs. An ineffective system for processing returns can also negatively impact customer satisfaction. This can then result in bad reviews and losing customers.

Are you, like Bonnie Tyler, holding out for a hero when it comes to processing returns? Enter, ShipOrder. You can quickly and easily email return shipping labels through the ShipOrder shipping platform, reducing customer support time for your small business. Say hello to improved customer satisfaction and spare time that can be focused on business growth! 

ShipOrder = Shipping Solved 

We’re convinced that ShipOrder is the easy-to-use shipping platform that your small business needs. And that it’s going to save you time and money, allowing you to focus on growing your business. By now, we hope you’re convinced too. 

Want some great news? You can try ShipOrder FREE FOR 14 DAYS! This will give you full access to the subscription of your choice, along with all of our other awesome tools and features. That includes access to our all-in-one live selling platform for Facebook, where you can sell products, collect payments, ship orders, and manage customer communications with ease.     

Here’s to easy shipping and growing your business!