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The Advantages of Facebook Live Selling for Small Retailers

Advantage of Facebook Live Selling

Facebook Live Selling – The Future of eCommerce

The world of eCommerce is ever-growing and diversifying. And the latest trend that’s all the rage in the eCommerce universe is Facebook live selling. For smaller retailers, there are a lot of advantages to jumping on the Facebook live selling bandwagon.

In China, live selling alone generated $171 billion in 2020. That figure is expected to hit $423 billion this year. You heard that right. By comparison, livestream selling in the US generated almost $6 billion in sales in 2020. That seems like a drop in the water compared to China’s figures, but that’s still a HUGE number. And according to research from coresight, the US live selling market is going to quadruple by 2023 to $25 billion by 2023. Ok, wow. 

And do you want to know the great news? Anyone can do it and reap the rewards. Yes, even those with small home stores like yourself. In fact, to quote Aladdin, it opens up “a whole new world” for small eCommerce business owners. A world of wider reach and sales growth. So… let’s explore some of the many advantages of Facebook live sales to your small business. 

8 Advantages of Facebook Live Selling 

1. Provides buyers with interactive, in-store experience

In the good ‘ol days, buyers would interact with a store assistant. The assistant would advise them on a product and provide demonstrations. But you had to go out to an actual store to buy a product. For people with increasingly busy lives, this became a bit inconvenient. 

Then, along came the internet and eCommerce. This gave consumers convenience and the ability to purchase from home. Awesome. But what they gained in convenience, they lost in human touch. The ability to quickly interact with a sales assistant, ask them questions about a specific item and see a demonstration was lost.

Enter, live shopping. Live selling on platforms like Facebook gives buyers, as Hannah Montanah put it, “The Best of Both Worlds”. Shoppers get the convenience of buying from home, whilst being able to interact with an expert. They’re also able to observe demonstrations and see how the product they want to buy works. And seeing a product in action will increase the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase.

2. Higher engagement and better customer relationships

This follows on neatly from our last point. One of the main advantages of Facebook live selling is that it enables you to connect with your buyers in real-time. Something that you simply can’t do through traditional eCommerce. 

Through your Facebook live sales, you’ll be able to develop personal relationships with potential customers and build trust. You’ll also be able to develop your personal brand. And, shoppers will be able to see your passion for your project. All of this is likely to increase your chance of getting more sales! 

Further to that, you’re also more likely to develop customer loyalty. This, in turn, is going to encourage repeat custom and even more sales for your small eCommerce business. 

3. Real-time Feedback 

Another benefit of connecting with your buyers through live sales on Facebook is real-time feedback. Through your live selling events, customers can tell you what they like and what’s not really working for them. For example, if you introduce a new product, you’ll be able to instantly tell whether buyers like it or not. If they do, great. You’re onto a winner – buy more! If they don’t, you don’t need to waste your time on that item in the future. 

You can also get real-time feedback on new sales techniques and promotions. This allows you to quickly see what techniques are working and which are not. Then, you can easily adapt while you’re live or make changes for your next live selling event. 

4. Cost-efficient

Ordinarily, trying new sales techniques, promotions and products is costly. But these costs are avoided when you live sell on Facebook. It’s also mega cheap to go live. You don’t need expensive cameras, expensive editing software or elaborate set design. And you certainly don’t need a professional studio! All you need is yourself, your inventory and an easy-to-use Facebook live selling platform like ShipLive.

Facebook Live Selling is super cost-efficient and that’s a huge advantage to retailers with smaller budgets. 

(However, if you do want some basic equipment to make your live sales look more pro, we have a blog with some pointers).


5. Reduced customer journey and faster product sales

Traditionally, when purchasing online, consumers like to research what they’re going to buy. They watch tutorials, sift through online reviews or do some comparison shopping. This gives them the confidence they need to then buy the product, which is awesome. But it takes a long-time. 

However, live selling allows you to shortcut this time consuming process. You’re able to give your customer immediate product information, demonstrations and testimonials from other customers during your live sale. And, customers turn up ready to buy. This is one of the biggest benefits to Facebook live sales – for both your small business and buyers. They can buy quicker and you can sell your products faster

6. Increased Sales

In terms of Facebook live selling benefits for small business owners, this ones a biggie. 

Livestream buyers buy more in larger quantities than traditional eCommerce buyers. In fact, according to McKinsey, conversion rates are around 30%. That’s up to 10x higher than traditional eCommerce. And the average buyer makes a larger purchase. This proves that you can make good sales even with a small audience.

7. Larger Audiences 

Although good sales with small audiences are still great, more sales with a larger audience is better. And one of the great things about Facebook live selling is that this is achievable. Even for small eCommerce stores!

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the US. Out of the 270 million social media users in the US, more than 200 million use Facebook. Also, Facebook prioritizes video content, as it has been proven to have much higher engagement. Therefore, it’s way more likely to appear further up someone’s timeline. And people engage 6x more with live video than they do with pre-recorded video. 

Increased chance of live video engagement and vast amount of US usership = larger audiences. Plus, it’s going to continue to increase your visibility. 

8. Less Returns

No one likes the hassle and expense of returns. But when you’re live selling on Facebook, this is much less of a problem. 

When buyers purchase through a live stream sale, stores experience 40% lower returns. This is an advantage of Facebook live selling that catches a few by surprise, but it makes a lot of sense. If viewers are purchasing through a live stream, they’re going to have a much better idea of what they’re buying. They’ll be able to see the product in action, view a demonstration and find out important information by speaking to a specialist. 

Take Advantage of Facebook Live Selling with ShipLive 

It sounds more than good doesn’t it? There are so many advantages to selling live on Facebook. And like we said, anyone can do it – whether you’re a work-from-home mom with a clothing boutique or a single, millennial direct seller. Live selling on Facebook is a great opportunity to grow your small business. So… When can you start?…

Well, today – with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL of our ShipLive live selling platform. The ShipLive platform was designed to make Facebook live selling super easy for small retailers like yourself. Not only can you livestream sell from the platform, but you can also quickly invoice customers, easily ship orders and process returns. You can even manage customer communications and set up loyalty programmes! It truly is a one-stop-shop that takes care of the complicated stuff, so you can focus on customer satisfaction and increase sales

We’re super happy that we get to help your small business grow. Enjoy your quick and easy live selling with the ShipLive Platform!