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6 Simple Steps to Go Live with Ship.com

Ship.com’s all-in-one automated platform was designed to help sellers like you get more sales while doing less work. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, right? What could be smarter than using the easiest way to sell live on Facebook?

With our live selling platform, you can quickly and easily turn comments into sales, instantly invoice shoppers, combine, edit or cancel orders, and purchase and print discounted shipping labels all while staying in touch with your customers to build profitable relationships.

Releasing the right product features is key to creating happy and successful customers. So the team built the Ship Live Social Selling Platform almost exclusively from feedback from our users. One of the most common complaints we heard was that other live selling platforms are difficult to set up, hard to learn, and complicated to operate. So we designed the Ship Live Social Selling Platform to make it simple to grow your business. Our goal was to create the easiest way to sell live on Facebook. So, as disruptors in our space, we designed a platform like no other. We guarantee you’ll find that Ship is easy to set up, intuitive to learn, and simple to operate. 

The best part about all of this (other than increasing your profits, of course) is that our platform is SO simple to navigate.

In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5, 6). 😉 


Here are 6 simple steps to go live with Ship.com:

Step 1: Set Up Your Event

In the Ship.com Live Selling Platform, simply click Set Up Live Broadcast to start the process of scheduling your live sale.

Step 2: Title Your Event

When initially scheduling your event, you’ll be asked to give it a title and description. Give this some thought! You want something short and sweet that gives enough information to summarize what your audience can look forward to.

Step 3: Enter Your Inventory

This step is a crucial part of creating your event. After all, available products are the reason your audience even tuned in. Here’s what you need to know when entering inventory:

  • Select Allow Back Orders if you want to keep a linear record of all customers who comment to purchase in the exact order they comment.
  • Select Auto Generate Keywords so the system will assign each item a keyword and number for purchasing.
  • Insert the Product Name for display
  • Update the Description to clearly explain the color, type, material, etc. of the product.
  • Update the Quantity and Selling Price for each item in your inventory.

Step 4: Connect to Facebook

This is the step that will allow you to go live through the Ship.com Platform onto Facebook. Be sure to grant permissions to Ship.com and Facebook. The platform will walk you through how to effectively do this with pop-up windows as you go. If you want to host a sale in a Facebook Group, add the Ship.com app to the group.

Step 5: Invite People to Your Event

In addition to your regular promotional tactics, here are some tidbits you should take into consideration when inviting people to your event: 

  • Pin a post with a link to your sale on your personal Facebook Page and any Group you want to promote your event through. 
  • Inform your potential audience that viewers can purchase simply by commenting on the designated buying word (usually “sold” or “buy”) along with the item number.
  • Let viewers know that to purchase products through the comments on your live sale, all they have to do is register with Ship.com at www.ship.com/register and connect their Facebook account!

Step 6: GO LIVE!

The time has come to go live! To successfully begin your broadcast, follow these steps:

  • From your Live Selling Dashboard, under Future Broadcasts, click the Go Live button next to your scheduled live sale.
  • Accept browser permissions to give Ship.com access to your microphone and camera.
  • When you click the Go Live button, your broadcast will go live and you’ll start capturing sales!
  • Pro tip: Make sure you have your pop-up blockers turned off.

6 simple steps to go live with Ship.com – pretty easy, right?  We guarantee you’ll find that Ship.com is easy to set up, intuitive to learn, and simple to operate. It’s the easiest way to sell live on Facebook. This platform allows you to sell more and with greater freedom – all by broadcasting to your customers live. So, what’re you waiting for? It’s time to love live selling, powered by Ship.com. 

To learn more about the platform straight from an expert, register for our weekly tutorial sessions to gather all the tips and tricks you need to be successful in the platform!

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