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4 Need-to-Know Tips for Selling Beauty Products on Livestreams

Calling all Beauty and Skincare Distributors! Chances are you’ve set out on this career to be your own boss, make an additional income and sell the products you’re truly passionate about. So, when it comes time to pitch those products to an audience via live selling, you want to showcase your products in the best light possible. These 4 tips for selling beauty products on Livestreams will transform the way you sell when you go live.

The beauty industry is no stranger to live streaming as a successful sales tactic, but sometimes it can be difficult to spread the word about your products and grab the attention of potential customers, as people love to try beauty and skincare products for themselves before making the purchase.

Hosting virtual parties can help you reach current customers and new ones to show them the newest lipstick color or skincare line. When you pair the decrease in in-person interactions with the increase in social media sales, you have an opportunity to take on this Livestream selling adventure with a sense of optimism and figure out how you can make this work for you. After all, Livestream selling with the ShipLive Platform does make your life SO much easier. 😉 Chose the easy button when you follow these 4 tips for selling beauty products on Livestreams:

  • Master Your Real Life Demos 🪞

During your live events, you’re wearing the hats of a business owner, presenter, and model. That’s right. If the customers can’t try the products themselves, you are the next best thing. This can get a bit tricky when you’re juggling lights, camera, sound, AND trying to give your audience a high-quality look at the products you’re applying. The optimal route to take when doing your demos is to use your desktop video or an attached webcam. That way, everyone gets the view they need. You can keep an eye on the product you’re applying while your audience gets an up-close look at the product. You also get to keep an eye on the inventory you’re showing, the comment purchases that are occurring, and the questions that are coming in LIVE.

  • The Art of Makeup Swatching 💄

Another common tactic for showing off makeup colors, shine, glitter, and more is to swatch it on your hand or arm. This is a great approach when you’re comparing different colors of one product for your audience to see. One key thing to keep in mind, however, is the range of complexities in skin tones! When you’re using the swatching technique, be sure to describe to your audience in detail your skin tone, and, it’s also ideal to invite a friend or family member with a lighter or darker complexity to your event that day. Showing the same set of swatches on 2-3 different skin tones could be the added detail you need to make a sale!

  • Create a Bank of Product Photos 📸

Limited Inventory? No problem. As you’re going through each live selling event, or even just getting ready for the day, make it a common practice to snap well-lit photos of your product swatches and before/after photos. Having this documentation will come in handy as you can’t always have every single product in your inventory at all times. By compiling a bank of photos, you have immediate access to ALL product features in one place. This is also a key component of making before and after photos work for you. If you’re selling an anti-aging skincare line, volumizing mascara, or lip plumper, having photos that document those changes is impactful for your audience and can be the selling point they needed to see. 

ShipLive Power User Tip: When you use the ShipLive social selling platform, you can easily use your audience’s comments on your live events to keep track of what customers are top of mind when you face back orders or have an unexpected sell-out.

  • Describe the Product Attributes Your Audience Can’t See or Feel 🎙

Successfully featuring makeup and skincare products is more than meets the eye. To get the full experience, you also need to describe the smell, feel, and even long-term results you’ve experienced. To do this, you need to be detailed in your product description. Is the lip gloss scented? Describe what it reminds you of. Is the moisturizer lightweight? Let them know! In addition to speaking to the smell and feel of a product, sometimes what your camera picks up doesn’t do it justice. Your audience may be able to see that the new eyeshadow you’re featuring is dark gold, but can they see the flecks of glitter that make it unique? Describe in detail everything you’re experiencing when trying on your products. This helps your audience envision it for themselves.

ShipLive Power User Tip:  The ShipLive Product Name and Description features allow you to add details to each product in your inventory that accurately describes your products for your audience to see.

There you have it – 4 tips for selling beauty products on Livestreams that will make you a pro. These tricks will change the way you sell your beauty and skincare products. And, if you’re looking to take your live events to the next level, check out the ShipLive Social Selling Platform for Facebook. It’s your all-in-one platform to Livestream sell your products, collect payments, ship orders, process returns, and manage customers’ communications and loyalty programs. If you’re ready to get an inside look at the ShipLive Social Selling Platform, register for a FREE live tutorial with Stevie, our Ship.com platform expert.