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3 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Money

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Hesitant to take the next step in expanding your business? What’s stopping you from putting one foot in front of the other?

Could it be:

  • Too much of a financial risk?
  • Comfortable with your current routine?
  • Not enough time in the day?

Lack of time to take on an endeavor like expanding a business is usually the #1 reason business owners like yourself shy away from growing their company. But, with Ship.com’s range of software solutions, including easy invoicing for small businesses as well as improved small business e-commerce shipping, you can easily gain 10 hours back in your weekly schedule. 

That’s right! When you choose to partner with Ship.com, you will save time normally spent on mundane, behind-the-scenes tasks that are necessary, but also a time suck. Oftentimes people assume that the solution to saving time and growing a business is something complicated and complex. When, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

At Ship.com, we believe that simplifying your business is the key to saving more time, making more money and growing your business. Here are 3 ways Ship.com can simplify your business and save you valuable hours every week.

Time-Saving Platform (That’s affordable, too!)

What if we told you that you can stay connected to your customers, grow your business AND save time while doing so. Well, lucky for you — it’s possible! Why waste time learning complicated tools? Ship.com has user-friendly tools that make it SO easy to grow your business at lightning speed. With our trailblazing and time-saving platform, you can transform your customer journey into a seamless experience that drives business growth. 

From sending automatic tracking emails to your buyers and reliable small business e-commerce shipping methods to easy-to-use email marketing tactics – Ship.com is by your side every step of the way. Plus, with our Rewards tool, you can quickly create a successful loyalty program that rewards customers and increases sales. With Ship.com’s user-friendly and affordable platform, you can save more time and make more money!

3 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Money

Automatic Invoicing with ShipPay

How many hours a week do you spend creating, sending, filing and managing invoices? Imagine replacing those hours with a click of a button. Enter: Ship.com’s automatic invoicing. Welcome to the world of easy invoicing for small businesses! Order management is what we do best, and we strive to make it as simple and effective as possible. All it takes is a few clicks to automatically import orders and customer data, combine, edit or cancel orders AND link multiple brands and payment options. We like to call this increasing profits by streamlining processes. 😎

When you sync your brand with Ship.com’s platform, you can automatically import customer data and order information, then quickly create an invoice. That’s right — no more manually entering billing information. Reduce potential billing errors, save time with 1 click invoice creation and allow Ship.com to take the stress out of billing and payments!

Package Pickup with ShipOrder

3 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Money

As a direct seller, your business won’t thrive if you’re constantly dealing with shipping difficulties. Whether it’s shipping delays, unexpected shipping costs, or finding the time to make a trip to the post office, shipping can be time-consuming and frustrating. ShipOrder has reinvented small business e-commerce shipping for companies like yours. With ShipOrder, you can print a label in 3 clicks and schedule a carrier pick-up right from your doorstep. No trips to the post office are required. This saves you 90 minutes or more each week!

Ship.com is the fastest and easiest way to print shipping labels. When you sync your brand with ShipOrder, you can automatically import your orders and quickly purchase discounted shipping labels. Then, request a next-day carrier pickup from your preferred pickup location. Through ShipOrder, you can save up to 73% on shipping costs all while eliminating time-consuming hassles and reducing environmental impact!

While protecting your time is an important factor when growing your business, it’s also important to continue learning about the direct selling space and building a community! We encourage you to check out our Ship.com Live Stream Selling Group. It’s packed with Direct Sellers like you who ask questions, share tips and celebrate each other!