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3 Ways to GO LIVE and Sell on Facebook

So, you Want to sell your Products Live on Facebook…

Hey there, my online seller friend! So, you want to go live and sell your products on Facebook? That’s a great idea. There are A LOT of benefits to live selling for small retailers like yourself. But you might not quite know how to get started. Or you may be here after hearing that Facebook is removing its own Live Shopping feature. And you may be thinking … 


“Can I even still Go Live on Facebook and sell my products?”


Don’t fret, there’s great news…


YES, you can still Go Live with ShipLive Selling Platform!


In fact, ShipLive now offers 3 simple ways to Go Live and sell your awesome products on Facebook. So, sellers create Product Playlists, host Live Shows, and sell with ease. And ShipLive automates the entire Live Selling process! Not only can sellers Go Live, but they can also sell, invoice, and ship seamlessly. In one place. 


Excited? Let’s look at the 3 ways you can Go Live with the ShipLive platform. 


3 Ways to Go Live and Sell on Facebook with ShipLive 


Go Live 3 different ways with ShipLive and sell on Facebook

1. Live Comment Selling

The first way you can Go Live and sell on Facebook with ShipLive? Live Comment Selling. This allows you to host a Live Show, interact with buyers in real-time and receive sales through comments. Plus, your sales are entirely automated with comment selling. And it’s so quick to set-up. You can Go Live in under 5 minutes! 

Benefits of Live Comment Selling with ShipLive:
  • Go Live in multiple Facebook groups and pages at the same time.
  • The platform sends automated comments informing customers of purchase wins.
  • All customer and order info are recorded in your dashboard.
  • Great for selling multiple products.
  • Interact with customers in real-time.

2. Replay Selling

When your Live Show is finished, does that mean the sales stop? Nope. This is where Replay Selling comes in. Ok, technically it’s not live. But you’re still making sales from a video that was once live on Facebook. So, how does it work? 

Once your Live Comment Selling Show is done, your live video will stay in your feed on Facebook. As a result, buyers can continue watching your video 24/7. And you can keep receiving orders days after your sale ends. That’s right. You can even still make sales while you sleep

Benefits of Replay Selling with ShipLive:
  • Acts as a “set it and forget it” passive income.
  • Buyers simply need to comment to buy items.
  • Customers that miss your Live Shows can still watch and buy.
  • Can still interact with customers through the comments section. Replay Selling still offers a more “social” form of eCommerce than customers buying through your online store. 
  • You don’t have to spend time and energy setting up multiple Live Shows a week. And you can still grow your sales!

3. Quick Live (Reel Selling)

Not confident about Going Live in front of an audience yet? That’s cool. Reels are all the rage at the moment. Now, ShipLive allows you to record a short 30 second live video and sell on Facebook. No audience included.

Quick Live’s are very similar to a reel. However, customers can comment on your short video to buy your product. This is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Live Social Selling

Benefits of Quick Live with ShipLive:
  • Very easy low stress way to get started selling with live video.
  • Great for selling one or two products or for a new product launch.
  • Great for selling older products or for sale items.

Why Go Live and Sell on Facebook?

Those are the 3 ways you can Go Live on Facebook and sell your products. But, if it’s not already – why should Livestream Selling be part of your sales strategy?

Well, firstly, Live Selling conversion rates are around 10x higher than traditional eCommerce. So, you can 10x your sales for your online store. In addition, when buyers purchase through Livestream Selling, stores experience 40% lower returns. 

And the ability to interact with buyers in real-time allows you to develop trust and long-lasting relationships. In turn, that means greater customer loyalty and higher lifetime sales


What Happens after I GO LIVE and Make a Sale?

You’ve hosted your Live Show on Facebook and sold your amazing products. What next? 

Well, after you’ve made a sale, all your customer and order info are automatically imported to your ShipLive dashboard. Now, you’re ready to invoice, collect payment and ship with ease. Told you it was seamless. 

After Going Live on Facebook, you can sell, ship, invoice and email customers with ease

Easily Invoice Customers and Collect Payments

ShipPay will allow you to directly invoice customers. And collect payment through an automated credit card processing system. Or, if you prefer to use Square or PayPal, our direct integration makes it easy. 

With ShipPay, you can immediately invoice buyers after you've sold your product Live on Facebook

With ShipPay you can:
  • Request payments in just a few clicks.
  • Receive payments as soon as the next day.
  • Have complete visibility with a full slate of reporting tools. 

Ship Your Orders

Then, you can ship an order in as little as 3 clicks. Plus, you get the lowest shipping rates available. 


ShipOrder allows you to ship products to buyers super quickly after you Go Live and Sell on Facebook.
ShipOrder allows you to:
  • Automatically create Shipments from order info.
  • Easily select the lowest price for the fastest delivery.
  • Automatically give accurate tracking info to your buyers.
  • View of all your order info in one place.


After You Sell your Products – Give Customers an Unforgettable Follow-Up

You’ve sold, invoiced, and shipped seamlessly. We’re done right? Not quite yet. 

One of the keys to successful Livestream Selling is giving buyers an unforgettable follow up. This makes them feel special. As a result, they’re more likely to buy from you again. And that’s GREAT. Because it costs you 5x less to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. Plus, upping customer retention by just 5% can increase profits by up to 95%.


How do you go about retaining customers? 


Well, the ShipLive platform has just the tools. With built-in email marketing AND a simple rewards program tool, you can keep buyers coming back for more!

Email Communication Tool

The Ship Customer Communications Tool includes several easy-to-use message templates. This way, you can grow your connection with your buyers with simplicity. And give them that all important unforgettable follow-up after your sale. 


The Ship email tool enables you to:
  • Send emails before a sale to drive buyers to your Facebook Live Show. 
  • Confirm purchases during your sale with an email message.
  • Maintain a connection with customers between purchases.
  • Keep customers informed about new product offers.
  • Build customer relationships with a personalized experience.

Rewards Tool

That’s one way to retain customers after you’ve sold live on Facebook. Another way to keep buyers coming back is to offer a rewards or loyalty program. Buyers are over 60% more likely to spend money on your products if you do.


Want to know something fantastic?


The Ship Platform includes a simple rewards program. Like any other rewards program, it allows you to assign points for purchases. And automatically tracks customer progress.


ShipLive rewards tool

With the ShipLive Rewards Program you can:
  • Create a customized program to meet your business goals.
  • Make your best customers feel like VIPs.
  • Increase repeat purchases and grow your sales!


Summary: Going Live and Selling on Facebook Has Never Been Easier

Going Live on Facebook and selling has never been easier with ShipLive. And there are now 3 ways to Go Live. That’s 3 ways to increase your sales and save time. 

So … Want to give Live Comment Selling a go? Or try your hand at a Quick Live and Reel sell? Or even try all 3!? You can. Today…


With a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL of the ShipLive Platform. 


You’ll have full access to the subscription of your choice. As well as access to all the other awesome tools and features mentioned above. Simple Live Selling, super-fast shipping, easy invoicing, and quick customer communications? All in one place? For free? That’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s to 10x’ing those sales. 3 different ways!