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10 Exciting Features and Updates to Kickoff 2022

In the spirit of the New Year, check out the Top Ten new or updated offerings from Ship.com that premiered in 2021. As you plan for 2022, this Top Ten List is packed full of essential and easy-to-use tools that can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions and business goals. 

Top Ten Offerings

1. Go Live on Facebook! 

Ship introduced LiveStream Selling on Facebook in December 2021. This is a game-changing platform. Build relationships and live the lifestyle you deserve when you use the Ship Livestream Selling Platform – the easiest way to shine and be a star. Ship.com makes it simple for you to maximize the visibility of your sales to reach larger audiences. Sell more and with greater freedom when you broadcast to your customers live on Facebook. Simplified online selling automatically allows shoppers to purchase by entering a keyword in the comments of your Facebook Livestream. You can Go Live in minutes from the intuitive Ship Live Selling dashboard. Learn more here.

2. Process Payments

Ship.com makes it easy for you to create and send invoices to your customers and track all of your invoices from one convenient dashboard. Now you can get paid faster, for less, and keep track of everything on one, simple dashboard. Ship.com will automatically import your customer data and order information, then you can quickly create an invoice with the click of a button. Learn more here.


3. More Shipping Options

In 2021, Ship introduced added popular carrier FedEx and offered expanded options for shipping discounted rates for express shipments and larger package. With Ship.com you can quickly and easily purchase and print FedEx postage labels, due to our special integrations. Now you can save both time and money when you use FedEx for your shipping needs, with Ship.com the process is now easier and more convenient. Learn more here.

4. Annual Subscriptions

Ditch those cumbersome monthly payments and save 25% off the low Ship subscription rates! Subscribe today to get a 1-year subscription to the Executive plan for only $22/month. Learn more here.

5. Customer Communications

For the average home business owner, email marketing can be a tough nut to crack. Ship makes it easy to send your customers the right messages at the right time with the super simple customer communications platform. Take advantage of communications tools that are integrated within your workflow to help you stand out with personalized automated messaging and customizable email marketing templates. Learn more here.

6. Refer and Earn More $$$ than Ever Before

Hot off the press — the new Ship Live Referral Program features two new partnership levels, each is designed to help users quickly and easily capitalize on their professional network and existing skill set. When you become a Ship Live Partner or Affiliate, you’re in a position to become an expert in the exciting new field of live selling and launch a new phase of growth. In addition to generous commissions, you will receive access to the excellent benefits below. Updated and refreshed to help you refer more and earn more. Learn more here. 

7. Support Resources to Help You

Ship is committed to helping make small business dreams come true. The new Live Social Selling platform features an easy signup flow with step-by-step support to make sure both you and your referrals are successful using Ship.com. At the end of the day, it’s all about taking care of your customers — your team at Ship is standing by and ready to help with expert phone, chat, and email assistance.

8. New Live Selling Blog & YouTube Channel

Ship.com aims to be your go-to resource for LiveStream Selling with resources, news, and information you can use to take advantage of the Live Stream comment selling. Check out the Ship YouTube channel for fun and entertaining videos from our CEO.

9. Success Stories from Our Customers 

Ship.com produced direct seller story videos to inspire you and help sellers like you promote their businesses. Learn more here.

10. Go Live with Stevie on Tuesdays 

Ship launched a weekly seller forum with specialist Stevie, dedicated to making it easier for users to Go Live on the Ship Social Selling Platform. Join Stevie as she showcases the latest features and answers all your questions about the LiveStream Selling Platform. Sign up for the next free session here.

Ship.com appreciates your business, helping you grow, and making your dreams a reality.

Happy Selling and Shipping,

Your Team at Ship.com