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Ship.com Makes Success Easy

“Once I read how to get started, I thought it couldn’t possibly be this easy? And it was!”

Derevaun Pham, Green Compass Global Advocate & Ship.com User

Hear what people are saying.

“I found Ship.com when I was looking for a platform that made shipping from home easier. As I continue to grow my business, Ship.com is helping by making shipping from home easy and cost effective.”

Melaney B.


“I’m a mom of three and married to my highschool sweetheart. Owning a small home clothing boutique has been a part of my life for over 4 years now. I don’t have time for complicated shipping programs, so I switched to Ship.com to simplify my operations. My goal is to get beautiful clothes to my customers as quickly as possible, and Ship.com makes that process simple and smooth!”

Stephanie H.


“I am a Bomb Party hostess and I reveal surprise jewelry LIVE on Facebook. I love being able to send mass marketing emails at the touch of a button. Ship.com has made it so easy to stay in contact with my customers!”

Candace N.


Ship.com Makes Time for Precious Moments

“I’ve been able to solve my own problems as a work-from-home mom. I’ve learned that it’s tough, but it’s also rewarding.”

Jordan Torres, Zyia Active Representative

“I am an aspiring makeup artist and I sell high-quality makeup and cosmetics from Senegence. I started using Ship.com to cut down on shipping costs, but got so much more than that! It helps me keep up with my customers, send follow-up emails, track shipments, and generally keep on top of things! It’s been a blessing as my business grows for sure!”

Erin H.


“I am a work-from-home wife and mom to five wonderful children. What started as a small part-time clothing boutique has developed into a full-time boutique with tons of handmade accessories and time for the whole family. From decor to organization help we are here for our boutique family every day. Ship.com gives us an easier way to ship orders without having to manually type in every customer’s info for each shipment. The automated emails sent with every shipment save us so much time in the long run, so there are fewer package questions and tracking issues.”

Alicia S.


“I am a dual small business owner working from home to make sure I can take care of my disabled husband and three boys on the autistic spectrum. I run a Custom Embroidery and Printing Shop as well as a LuLaRoe Fashion Boutique. My business goals are to expand my customer base with my great customer service as well as increase my sales. Ship.com helps me with this because they get me the best deals on shipping, it’s quick and easy and hasn’t failed me yet.”

Angel P.


“My goal is to move inventory out as more arrives. Ship.com makes it easy to purchase and print labels from home. The lines at the post office, the high prices and rude employees made me look else where. Thank goodness Ship.com was there to save the day! They help me ship more and at a better speed. The immediate confirmation email to my customers is the best treat. It really throws in that extra bit of customer service.”

Jessica L.


“I am an independent distributor for a skincare and cosmetic company. I have been successfully running my small business for 3 years. I offer self care tips as well, helping people feel amazing on the inside and out. One of the problems I was trying to solve that led me to Ship.com, was my need to ship orders to my customers in a timely fashion. The lines at the post office were always so long and I was always pressed for time. When my upline told me about Ship.com and what I could do, I quickly discovered that I could create my customers shipping labels from any browser and print them from any regular printer or label printer. This saved me not only time but money too!”

Ashley H.

“Going to the post office was not an option with 3 kids at home during remote learning. I chose Ship.com because it is so easy, affordable (pays for itself), and I can refer it to my downlines. I have used the follow-up emails, order/transaction searches, and reports to grow my business, and the savings in postage has provided a measurable benefit.”

Britta L.

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