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Simplify Your Logistics to Focus on Growth

Finally, there’s an easier way to grow your business. Ship.com puts fast and simple shipping tools at your fingertips to help you save time and money.

Simplify your shipping with Ship.com


Ship.com is the fastest and easiest shipping platform for independent retailers. Ditch your complicated shipping tools and simplify your business logistics.

Find the lowest price for the fastest delivery
Provide accurate shipping information to your customers
Save time and money

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Enhanced Tracking

Connect with customers throughout the delivery process with the Ship.com consumer app.

 Engage customers with ongoing order tracking information 
Reduce customer support required for delivery information
Improve customer satisfaction and increase future sales

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Track packages with Enhanced Tracking from Ship.com
Ship.com Learning Center

Learning Center

Learn and grow
your business quickly.

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How can we help? Visit the Help Center for information and personalized assistance.

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Ship packages and track online purchases with your phone.

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Here’s What Our Customers Say

“The Ship.com team has truly made an awesome, user-friendly program!”
Julia Haney, Childhood Cancer Advocate

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