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Order Management

Ship.com makes order management simple.

With just a few clicks Ship.com can automatically and manually import orders and customer data, combine, edit or cancel orders, and link multiple brands and payment options.


Increase Profits by Streamlining Processes

Centralize Orders Received

Reduce Losses Due to Human Error

Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Reports Provide Valuable, Actionable Insights

Automatic Order Importing

Sync your brand and Ship.com will automatically import your customer data and order information.

No more manually entering order and shipping information
Reduce potential shipping errors
Save time with 3-click label purchasing

Create New Orders

You can manually enter an individual order via the “New Order” button on the Orders Dashboard or import multiple orders by uploading a CSV file.

Provides complete visibility of order information
Save time and money on shipping
Fulfill orders regardless of where they’re sold

Combine Orders

Quickly and easily combine orders to create one shipping label.

Get a convenient view of all your order information in one place
Save time and money with reduced deliveries and packaging
Improve customer satisfaction with lower shipping costs

Cancel Orders

Sometimes a buyer may change her mind, or you may have other circumstances that require you to cancel an order.

Quickly cancel an order in just a few clicks
Save time and money
Improve customer satisfaction

Access Customer Information

Customer data is automatically imported with your order data and stored on the Customer Dashboard, where you can quickly make changes or edits.

Maintain detailed information on each of your customers
Provides insightful customer data all in one place
Easily manage your customer database

Connect Multiple Brands/Use Multiple Payment Processors

Ship.com can support multiple brands and payment method integrations.

Ship and manage orders sold through multiple platforms
Cross sell and market to customers across every platform
Increase sales, lower costs and save time

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