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An Exciting Announcement…

Today we’re sharing the exciting news that Ship.com has signed an agreement to acquire ZenSales. We’ve had an incredible journey as an independent company and are thrilled to start our next chapter working with the Ship.com team on building products that make small business growth simple.

‍We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without you – our amazing users. This moment is truly a testament to your support, loyalty, and feedback!

Why Ship.com?‍

We started ZenSales with the belief that customers should always be the top priority, tools should be easy-to-use, and business growth should be simple and Ship.com shares that philosophy. Ship.com aims to transform the way people track and ship their packages by socializing peer-to-peer shipments just as Venmo streamlined and socialized peer-to-peer payments. Our best-in-class shipping platform for small businesses is a natural value-add for their users, and vice-versa. In fact, we’ve already been working together to increase your customer loyalty and decrease your customer support, by making the way your customers track their orders simple and fun.‍

Our goal has always been to make small business growth simple, and the Ship.com focus on reimagining the delivery process for businesses and consumers alike will help us scale our reach and have a bigger impact than we could ever have imagined. Together, we can remake shipping into a social and mobile experience while helping you manage your order fulfillment and post-sale customer experience all the way through delivery.

What does this mean for you?

Aside from seeing the Ship name, there won’t be any changes to your day-to-day experiences with our products. ZenSales will continue to operate as normal within Ship.com. Our first and foremost priority has always been and will remain taking care of our customers. If anything, our customers can expect an accelerated rate of innovation to the ZenSales products they know and love already, supported by the vision (ZenSales and Ship.com FAQs) and resources of Ship.com.

We’re excited to bring ZenSales to direct sellers and small online businesses. Joining forces with Ship.com will help us get there faster. This is an acceleration of the same mission we’ve had since day one – to simplify business growth.

Thank you for your support over the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you and we look forward to building for you for many years to come. We’re just getting started!

Kyle Henzel, ZenSales President 


See for Yourself What All the Buzz is About

  • Sign up for a Ship.com and get easy to use shipping and marketing tools.
  • Download the Ship.com app to get easy to use tracking for your own holiday shipments
  • Refer your customers to download Ship.com to make tracking your shipment to them fun!

Check out the Ship.com FAQ