About Ship.com

Who We Are

At Ship.com our vision is to help make small business dreams come true, making life easier by reimagining and remaking shipping, tracking, and delivery into something that is easy, fun, and social. We offer an app for consumers and we offer solutions for small businesses that together simplify people’s lives around the things they sell, buy and ship.

Technology has advanced a lot in the past decade and this has made it much easier for people to become small business owners. Platforms of all kinds exist to help would-be entrepreneurs start and run a business. You can sell goods on Amazon, eBay, Esty, and many others. Run your online store with Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, and many others. Provide services through Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, and many others. You can work and connect from home with Slack, Zoom, Trello, and many others.

This makes it easier to start a business but harder to compete as anyone with an idea can now open a business. And, it’s even harder for micro-entrepreneurs to compete with large businesses. Therefore it is critically important for small sellers to have the best tools possible to make and keep them successful.

What We Do

Ship helps sellers become successful and achieve their dreams by providing simple tools that help sellers save time, money, and sell more.

Ship.com does this by helping sellers manage the post-sale experience from end to end. This starts with shipping the product, managing delivery, easy returns, email marketing, loyalty programs, and facilitating new referral business.

We started Ship.com with the first app for consolidated tracking, shipping and sharing of personal shipments. Think Venmo for personal shipments. Our vision, to reimagine the time when an order is shipped to when a package is received and remake it into something that is easy, fun and social. Seeing small businesses start to use Ship.com for their package shipping to customers, we then acquired Zensales.net, which had made its mark with small business owners, in particular direct sellers working from home, with an easy to use shipping platform, including integrated marketing tools and a Shopify integration.

Our Team

The driving force behind Ship is a seasoned team of eCommerce logistics professionals, with expertise in direct selling, who are passionate about offering truly simple, easy to use tools. Helping small businesses compete with large and small sellers to make their dreams come true is what we are about. By working together we want small business owners to be successful and help them get the extra money and freedom they want.  We also love to work with young talent in university or just entering the workforce (email us about paid internships).

We operate as a remote workforce with a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rhythm of meetings both in person and over zoom.

Why Ship
You will get personalized and responsive service.
You will get cool, fun, easy to use app and desktop technology to make your life easy.
You will be part of a small business movement focused on your needs and you can elevate your presence through our new YouTube channel.
You will get a chance to affect the future of the app and technology by contributing directly through our customer advisory group.
You can earn more money by becoming an Ambassador.

Our Core Values


We focus on making everything simple


We support our colleagues everyday in everyway

Exceeding Expectations

We deliver more than expected, every time


We focus on growth for our customers, our company and ourselves.

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